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  1. Did you ever find a solution for wrapping a normal block in an html div wrapper?
  2. This code works well to fix the bar and make it transparent, however, I’m finding that with a fixed bar, the content no longer shows after the bar - meaning the content on each page now starts at the very top of the page under the bar. This means that for my pages with header text, the header text actually shows under the bar. Temporarily, I’m using a fix which makes the margin on the top of individual page elements (e.g. banners, images, etc) a certain height, however, I feel there must be a way to simply say - don’t let anything on any page start until after the banner. The setting of margins for all the elements seems overly complicated and creates a thin gap under the nav bar on mobile. Sample margin code: .view-list .banner-thumbnail-wrapper, .collection-type-page .banner-thumbnail-wrapper, .collection-type-index .banner-thumbnail-wrapper { margin-top: 75px; /* nav bar height */ }
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