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  1. In the control panel need to click on the Mobile view. This is with the fluid engine enabled
  2. I will try to add the code this week or the next one if no other answer appears. Super busy atm
  3. Yes, similar to your code #sections > :nth-child(2) { min-height: unset; }
  4. Great. You can reduce the space with the below code #sections > :nth-child(2) .content-wrapper { padding-top : 0!important }
  5. Would you like the mobile version to look like in the attached image? @media (max-width: 767px) { .newsletter-form-body .email input { text-align : center; } .primary-button-style-outline .fluid-engine .newsletter-form .newsletter-form-body .newsletter-form-button { background : #fff!important; } .newsletter-form-button span { color : #000!important; } }
  6. What do you think about inverting the colors with CSS? In case you want this, add the below code in Custom CSS. #header:not(.light) { filter : invert(); } #sections > :first-child .section-background .section-background-overlay { opacity : 1!important; background : rgba(0, 0, 0, .5) }
  7. Are you using a custom template? On my Squarespace site, it adds the product to the cart https://www.abzglobal.net/products/p/squarespace-71-70-custom-blog-numbered-pagination
  8. You can do this using two gallery blocks. Currently, you are using an entire section component. With this, it is possible as well to place them side by side but with custom CSS. See below image
  9. I think you can do that with Squarespace Member Areas https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360050832631-Member-Sites
  10. Try adding the below code in Custom CSS .header-burger { position : absolute; right : 0 }
  11. The simplest solution would be to create a Folder Shop, add Shop in it and below links. Or with code it is possible to make the folder clickable and link it to the Shop page and below you can add links
  12. You want your Shop page to become a drop down? You can create a folder and then add links to it. The site is private
  13. @media (max-width: 767px) { #sections > :nth-child(2) p { font-size : 12px; } } Add the below code in Custom CSS. You can adjust the 12px to the size that you want
  14. Have you tried to create a folder and then place the shop inside it?
  15. You can do that with CSS media queries. Can you send the link to the page?
  16. On the new Localized Forms, Squarespace is using React.js and that's why you don't see regular input changes with JavaScript. I have 2 videos about this and here are the source codes: https://github.com/sorcamarian/squarespace-tricks/tree/main/Forms
  17. Please mark my above post as the solution
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