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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Paul! As a follow up, as this is in the 'additional fields' part of the commerce checkout option (which is editable), I thought some custom CSS to adjust the calendar formatting across the "Date" form field when building a form would do the trick. Is that not correct? In fact, it just happens that where I'm looking to use the feature shows at the point of checkout for my site, but for others this "Date" field will show up anywhere you may choose. If that makes sense? So, new question, do you know how to adjust the "date" form field display with
  2. Hello, I can't see this question having been raised before. Within the Commerce side, there is a section within the Checkout where one can add Additional Fields for customers to see and respond during their checkout process. Within this, there is a Calendar feature. Unfortunately, the calendar is default formatted as MM DD YYYY, but I would love the format to be DD MM YYYY - making it more UK-centric. Can anyone help with a code tweak to enable that, please? Thank you!
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