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  1. Social Media! As an original blogger on Google Blogs, I was accustomed to high numbers of 8-10,000 a month (2007). When I moved to Squarespace and blogged on my personal site with it (2014), I found it worked best to still blog on my Google Blog and leave the article with an unfinished, read more here and direct them to my SQS blog. When I still use that formula today my numbers jump way high from that google blog. For clients I encourage using FB now that you can post duplicates to instagram from there. For smaller business clients, I encourage posting FB/Instagram at least 4 times a week and scheduling posts. I have set clients up on a service that handles the posting, but I have personally never used them. Consistency is the key for higher numbers. From 2007 through 2013 I posted 6-7 days a week. It does pay off. Now I am a hit and miss. (Thanks for reminding me!!!).
  2. I have been successfully using them in client sites with out a problem in the past few months. I am believing they adjusted things and resolved the issue.
  3. UPDATE: I have been successfully using portfolios on clients sites the past months and have not had ANY issues thus far... wanted to update this remark. They must have made some adjustment. Original: This has been reported over the past MANY months. I built my site last fall and it was happening then. You can see I posted in NOV 2020. I am preparing to remove the portfolio from my site because of its inability to actually work. I have one client on it and they are NOT happy with it. Any ideas are still welcome.
  4. Yes... I just moved my 6 year old site on 7.0 with everything on it... to 7.1 and so disappointed because the photos that are suppose to be the FEATURE of my portfolio keep disappearing. I have reloaded them continually over the past three weeks, probably twice daily. Now I have launched, already sold a client on this approach and two hours later... one is missing on my site, the photo in the portfolio. I have reloaded the image and it shows there, but it is not there when you view it. Below is the latest... the last choice is 'Studio' and now it is gone. Usually when it is gone, it is gone on the back side too. But I have the photo reloaded and it is showing there but it is not showing it functioning. ANY hope of this being repaired anytime soon now that I moved my site to the "WONDERFUL 7.1" and totally woeful that I did. I cannot recommend this to clients.
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