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  1. We are going to run AdWords for a site, and want to track conversions. I was given code from Google (which I'd paste here but it appears screwy, but it's javascript), and was instructed to put it on the order confirmation page (or whatever page is last after completing the purchase). I cannot seem to figure out where to paste the code. Note we already have setup our general Google Analytics tracking in the external services settings, but this code is specific for AdWords. Any ideas where I'm supposed to paste the code?
  2. I am trying to embed an iframe, but cannot get it to scale responsively. It works great on desktop. On mobile, it gets cut off. I tried setting the width to 100% as mentioned in another thread. Any suggestions? The webpage to view on mobile is: http://simplyadammann.com/curated-kitchen Current code is: <iframe width="456" height="940" src="//invis.io/8Y1KW4RMR" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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