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  1. Kasey , amazing website ! Congrats ! I could not find the animated gif though , could you share the link ?And which template are you using ?
  2. When you add a line in the content, the padding around the line is a bit big, considering that some templates already have a established huge padding. Is there a way to target the line and make the padding around it smaller? My site: db-arquitetura.squarespace.com Right below the first banner there is a line, some content and then another line. I feel that it would look much nicer with a smaller padding around the horizontal rule. Any help would be great.
  3. Sure ! Take a look how it is looking now : https://mega-power.squarespace.com/about/Still need to feed and do some styling.There is now a problem with the header , i applied a code , for the header to be always showing , but somehow is a bit transparent when you go down in some pages.LOL there is always something , will consider the course seriously !
  4. Thank you so much again ! It worked perfectly . Do you have a website where i can see some of your work ? Im new at this, im trying to do a startup doing websites based on squarespace, the market where i live and work is huge, and there is a load of crap out there.
  5. Neeklamy , i just realized that the code i used , is not good , cause there is a space between the footer and the end of the page in white.Check it out here : https://mega-power.squarespace.com/about/What should i do then ?Thanks
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