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  1. Hello! The problem I am having is that when the customer enters their email and the confirmation code, nothing happens. I've tried it myself and also get a non-response. In addition (that is, on a non-technical level), it seems inherently confusing. if a customer has JUST placed the order, why would they need details? Wouldn't this be more useful to access at some later point? But by then, the window would have been closed by the user, and they would have moved on. As soon as a customer submits the order, the window with this authenticate option appears. It implies that there is something that has to be done, vs something that could be done. In order to use the window, the customer has to toggle out to their email, find the confirmation code that comes with the auto acknowledgement of the order, and return to this window to enter the confirmation code. But if they've JUST placed the order, why do they need the details? And if they want to find the details later, this window is gone, because it would have been closed. I'm genuinely flummoxed. Insight?
  2. Hello! I just started having this appear, too, and I've been using squarespace for years. What is this and why can I find no other info about it in a Google search? Did you ever find a solution?
  3. Hello to anyone who reads my question, above . . . I solved my own problem. This code works beautifully, it was user error (obviously) and everything looks and works perfectly.
  4. Hello! I'm trying to get this code to work and am having no luck . . . I'm in 7.0, the website is http://www.elisepreiss.com/ And I'm getting a double background on the home page, and the background on the menu pages. I'd like it just once, on the home page only. How did I mess up? Ha!Thank you! //bg image on home page only// body.homepage:not(.index-page-open) div#canvas { background-image: url(https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/51b10c6de4b0236194eaaf0c/1668646772871-UWPWFXA1B0XJC4L1EMT1/paysages-de-la-chalosse.jpg); background-size: cover; background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; }
  5. It's November 8th or 9th, and one of my Blogs just turned into an Events page - and of course lost all the content . . . agh. Will reach out to support.
  6. Hello! No, I would like to be able to manage my content in a spreadsheet, so that I don't have to build a page for every piece of content. A CRM system, basically. So I'd have a template, and a spreadsheet I upload, and the backend would resolve the data (??) so that the user could navigate through the site and see each data set in a template page. Is this making sense?
  7. Site URL: https://www.slowmaterial.org/kaitlin-bryson Hello Forum! I have loads of SS sites and understand the platform fairly well. I need help with my own site. I'd like to create a repository of data (pages) about artists, orgs, books, opportunities, resources. Ideally, I'd like the data to display as it does in the page linked above. I also know I can sort and categorize and tag this same content in a variety of summary pages or summary blocks and/or blogs, then choose to display them in various ways and allow for searching and filtering and alpha ordering, etc. I know the pros and cons re: how many items will show tbd on which solution I choose, and which path will allow me to link content to a pop-up window vs a page, etc and etc. Problem: 1. None of the built-in solutions are ideal. 2. Creating a new page for every piece of info is tedious and also will bloat the site. I have 100 pcs of data now and hope to have 350ish?? 3. Creating a new page for each also has search and indexing issues. QUESTION: Do you have ideas about off-the-shelf content mgmt systems wherein I can add data in a spreadsheet and upload it to the site, where it would then display in a template styled to look like this page? OR Recommendation to explicitly line item what I'd like a section to do, then custom code each part of the solution? i.e., to force the data to appear alpha order, to override the 35 (40?) entry limit for summary blocks, etc etc? Is that even possible, or is SS not intended for that level of customization? I don't mind paying someone to consult if this question is pushing the bounds of community help. I would appreciate another thinking mind to bounce this around with. Thanks much.
  8. Derrick! Thank you!!! Whoop. I made the change I wanted, and now I'm going to play with some of these other options you've offered. Thank you! I appreciate the help!
  9. Tuan, Thank you! (For some reason, they weren't displaying when I copy-pasted and I was missing one.) May I ask another question?! The code is not working anyway! The titles under each summary entry are not changing size or color. Am I using the wrong code entirely? https://www.slowmaterial.org/summary-library I appreciate your help - thanks much.
  10. Site URL: https://www.slowmaterial.org/ Hello! I am building a summary block and found this code to style the titles, but I keep getting a syntax error on the font family line. Does anyone have any insight into whaat is going wrong? Thanks much. https://www.slowmaterial.org/summary-library // *summary block header changes* // .SQS-BLOCK-SUMMARY-V2 { .SUMMARY-TITLE, .SUMMARY-HEADING { FONT-FAMILY Proxima Nova; FONT-WEIGHT 400; FONT-SIZE 14PX !IMPORTANT; COLOR #003D4C; TEXT-TRANSFORM CAPITALIZE; FONT-STYLE NONE; } }
  11. Thank you! I don't understand why that required custom code - shouldn't that be part of the Style Guide / Colors section? But in any case, it worked, and I am grateful!
  12. Site URL: https://www.oceanparkstudio.com/ Hello! I know I will kick myself over this . . . but can anyone please tell me why I have a pale grey banner separating the main section of my home page and the footer? It appears to be a border from the main section, but I have changed ALL the color presets in this profile to the dark blue or white in an effort to get rid of the grey, and it's still there. So what switch am I not seeing to make this go away? Thank you!
  13. Thank you Paul2009! I am using your workaround, and am grateful. Just wish they would fix it!
  14. Site URL: https://www.slowmaterial.org/whats-happening Hello There! I see a thread on this issue from 2020, but the error is still occurring? You can' t get a VIEW EVENT button to link from your excerpt/calendar landing page to the longer description. Am I missing the solution? Or has SS still not fixed this, so many months later? I have to custom code a button every time I upload an event? Please help!
  15. Thank you! And also, duh. I thought padding-bottom would control the outer most edge/margin, not those internal areas. Thank you thank you for the help. cheers.
  16. Tuan, I am grateful! I am also asking about the padding IN BETWEEN the sections though . . . so the code you provided moved up the top most margin. But the bigger problem is the huge gaps IN BETWEEN that first section of content, and the next section area, and the next. Same link, see screen grab. Can you help me please with that also? Thanks much!
  17. Apologies, the link you want (directly to the page) is https://falcon-blenny-2pn2.squarespace.com/media
  18. I think you need this: https://falcon-blenny-2pn2.squarespace.com/ and the password is indigobunny thank you
  19. Tuan, I have the same (?) problem - trying to reduce the space on top and below the gallery sections. I've used the code you offer, above, but am having no luck. The screen grab is attached. Can you help, please? 😉
  20. Site URL: https://textileartsla.org/around-town/2021/4/21/craft-in-america-la-made-amp-la-scenes Hello! I am rebuilding my site textileartsla.org on 7.1. I am working on the calendar now, and finding weird anomalies - and no notes in SQSP forums to guide me (seems odd!). If I create an event and want to change the name of the title, fix a typo in the title, or duplicate events with similar details and change the name, I cannot. There is no title field in the content box. NEXT, there is no longer a "content" box for an event. There's an excerpt that would show on a landing page, but no deeper dive. I pasted a link to one of my existing calendar pages deep dive sections. As you can see I include additional images here, and sometimes buttons for tickets, links to artists' websites, and more. I have to be doing something wrong here, as I cannot believe I am the first person to come across this problem. Help! Thank you!
  21. I had to go back to each website, remove the IG link, set it up again. Log in to each brand's ig to set the connection, then log out. Then go to the next website and repeat. I think some code in SS or IG changed, and glitched up the connections. The critical thing is that EVERY time you have to log out of instagram (even though you don't think you're actually logged in -- you think you've just used a password to authorize the connection to SS). This required that I ask every brand/client for their login info again - which as you can imagine is a pain in the a**.
  22. I have multiple squarespace websites, each with a different Instagram account (some are multiple projects, some are different clients). Instagram now thinks that ALL of my sites are owned by ONE person. How do I go back to separate accounts for each client or project? If I add one person's insta account to his/her site, it should NOT change other websites! I'm so confused. HELP!
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