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  1. Hi Tuan, Sorry for my slow response. The site was published last week, under www.handverkslaget.no, and should be open now I believe. The squarespace site URL is https://www.handverkslaget.squarespace.com and password we used was "trond". Thank you so much!
  2. Site URL: https://www.handverkslaget.squarespace.com Hi all 🙂 Are there anybody out there that would be able to help with the code injections for these? I have searched for results here, but couldn't find the answer. It's for pages where Squarespace doesn't have a system to change the language. Thank you! Best regards, Torgrim 🙂 STORE: When you click one of the items, you will see "Prev I Next" in the top right corner. I would like to be able to change this text, if easy to solve. When you click one of the "medlemskap" items, there are several options
  3. Home - Design - Custom CSS: .quantity-label { visibility: hidden; } .quantity-label:before { visibility: visible; content: "Quantity"; } Change the word "Quantity" to whatever language you want. Thank you so much @tuanphan
  4. Actually figured out the "Purchase" button. Under "edit service product" and "Options", select the button "Use custom Add button label". Still have not figured out how to change the text/language on the "quantity" and "product variants". Thank you again so much to @tuanphan for very kind help!
  5. Hi! I'm trying to change the "Purchase" (Purchase botton) & "Quantity" text under products in the store. It seems like it is set this way and that it only allows english, germane, spanish and french. I would like to change to another language, by changing it manually, since the language is not available on Squarespace. Thank you!
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