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  1. @stemajourneys - Check your custom CSS for this and try removing it: figcaption::first-letter { font-size: 0; } This forum post addresses the same issue.
  2. Hi @paul2009 - thank you very much for your response. (I had seen the Feature request post you linked to, but wondered if maybe someone had some code they knew of that worked.) Unfortunately, the Source URL and the external link in the Event excerpt are not the same; I need the Event Titles to link to internal pages of the site, and the excerpt link to go to an external register page. Oh well. I'll have to brainstorm some other solution. Thank you for taking the time!
  3. Thank you very much, @tuanphan for taking the time to investigate this with me! As suggested above, @paul2009 would you by any chance have advice/input on this situation?
  4. I was afraid you'd say that. Squarespace has this feature enabled for blog posts (in the blog, you can add a source url and then click a checkmark that says "Post Title should link to Source URL" - see attached image). Is there a way to mimic the behavior that the checkmark enables in the blog but for events?
  5. Hello @tuanphan - The Event Source URL is added in the backend, in the Squarespace Event dialogue box (see attached image). The first event (NVC Practice Group ~ Online Class) has a source URL: "/practice-groups".
  6. Ideally, the thumbnail and date would ALSO link to the SourceURL, but that is not necessary. The most important thing is the Event Title. (Thank you for your help, @tuanphan!)
  7. No, thank you. I would like only the Event Title to link to the Source URL. (The "Register Now" link is something separate which I have taken care of).
  8. Site URL: https://draft-gbtl.squarespace.com Hello! I'm working on a site for a client and would love some coding help!! Does anyone know the JS in order to link Event Titles to the Event's source URL? I've searched the forum and haven't found a working solution for this. (But maybe @tuanphan might have some insight into this?) I would like it to work on the Events page: https://draft-gbtl.squarespace.com/events-calendar, in Summary blocks that have events: https://draft-gbtl.squarespace.com/summary-block, as well as within the Calendar block: https://draft-gbtl.squarespace.com/ca
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