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  1. @tuanphan - thank you! the footer hover code is working on the other site now. Much appreciated ~*~
  2. @tuanphan That worked! ... for that site! Is it not a universal code? I tried it on another website but it is not functioning.... how do I use the code for all sites with links in the footer? This is the other site I added the code to: https://www.michaelamcgivern.com/ Thank you for your time! Rei
  3. Hi @tuanphan I'm scratching my head as to why your code is not taking effect on this site... footer .sqs-block-html a { background-image: none !important; background-repeat: no-repeat !important; text-decoration: none !important; } /* footer links hover color */ footer.sections a:hover { color: red !important;} Please advise ~ thank you so much! https://alicia-schooler-hugg.squarespace.com/ alicia (lowercase)
  4. Hello Tuan,

    How do I widen the gutter on the mobile mosaic gallery?


    password:  loveland

    Thank You!


  5. @tuanphan ! Perfect ! thank you so much! 🙏🏽 😊
  6. Hi @tuanphan Please take a look at this link - you'll see an example at the bottom of the page https://www.saveoursonoma.com/sos-community-action/ab1993-write Thank you! Rei
  7. @tuanphan I am also interested in learning how to hide categories at the bottom of the events pages. I would like to hide the element "Posted In: ..." Here is a link to view https://www.saveoursonoma.com/sos-community-action/sb1480-call Thank you! Rei
  8. Hello @bangank36 Thank you for your attention to my question. Unfortunately the site is live and is not available to be shared. I had hoped sharing the screen shot would provide a visual of what I want to accomplish. The site is: saveoursonoma.com But the area of concern is within the private member area and I can not share access to that area. Is there a way to make a folder "stay open" rather than having to hover over it ? With Gratitude, Rei
  9. Hello! Has anyone created CSS Code that keeps a navigation folder "open", ie "in dropdown view"? My client is a non-profit and has had newcomers write confused, unaware to click the menu item to open the folder.. and would like to keep it in dropdown view. The page is in a "members Only" section so I am unable to layout the pages across the navigation. If not I'll reword the folder language to say "click here" etc. Thank You! Rei
  10. Hi @creedon Mystery solved once again! A tag was removed from one of the posts which caused the entire plugIn not to function. A good lesson learned! a missing link as small as it may seem can cause the whole train to derail 🙃🙏🏽
  11. It draws from the "Praises" blog - because of the plugin the content doesn't appear until the plugin is functioning. This page gives an example of the plugin functioning that I've used https://www.drlaurabarry.com/praise
  12. @creedon It interacts with the summary block on the Praise page
  13. Site URL: https://satsang-with-anasuyaji.squarespace.com/praise Head scratcher! I have removed and reinstalled the ghost plug in Header Footer code injection as well repasted the CSS code but it is still not appearing on the page... Is it because the client hasn't purchased a plan yet? Or is it due to CSS code I have for other elements? Thank you ! password is: anasuyaji
  14. @creedon Success ! Shwew*. Thank you for bearing with me on that one! Thanks so much! ✨
  15. @creedon @tuanphan I've adjusted the code as you suggested Creedon, yet as you can see in this screen shot - the image I want displayed only on the Home page in mobile view, is somehow appearing as a default on the About page ... even though - as you can see, I have not selected a "background" image for the section... any thoughts? 🙏🏽
  16. Thank You @creedon for your reply. I'm not sure if you fully see my issue. On the about page, I've selected the image in the screen shot for the background. As you can see I did not select the image with the profile circle in the right corner... it's suppose to be the original... Is the mobile code that I used (which is only suppose to affect the home page) somehow affecting the "About" page? Is this making sense? And if your answer addressed the issue - my apologies as I do not follow 🤪 Thank You!
  17. Hi Tuan! Oh my, I missed that you responded! Thank You. The page is "About" Thank You! Rei
  18. Site URL: https://satsang-with-anasuyaji.squarespace.com/ Hello! A client pointed out today that there is a double image appearing on the mobile view and not on the desktop view The page is https://satsang-with-anasuyaji.squarespace.com/about-anasuya password: anasuyaji When you view the top section on desktop view - there is an image with a faint flower. Yet when you change to mobile view the following happens - in the screen shot I've attached. I've removed the current background image and the mobile style still appears .... a head scratcher for me! Thanks for any thoughts! Or if I need to report it to SqSpace chat
  19. @tuanphan - Thank you for your follow up! I have to apologize for I discovered I neglected to look at the "Section Format" - where I can turn off "time"! oh bother...! "Case closed" ... 🙏🏽 Rei
  20. Hi @tuanphan Yes that is correct. I've added that script but the times are still appearing. I think I may have mis-described the item - it's a weekly event; every Tuesday - ideally it would be nice if on the event list page I could write "Occurs weekly, Tuesdays starting at 8:30am". .... I may be pushing the limit there! But just to get rid of the times and honestly an infinite end date would be preferred.
  21. "To hide the times, you'll need to hide the time as well as the comma that appears between the date and time. Here's some CSS that you can add to Design > Custom CSS to hide both. The first section removes the comma; the second removes the time on multi-day events." .event-list-time .eventlist-event--multiday .eventlist-meta-date .event-date:after { content: ""; } .event-list-time .eventlist-event--multiday .eventlist-meta-time { display: none; } Thank you so much! Rei
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