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  1. yes, this is the example https://thepointsguy.com on the upper right corner when you click "US"
  2. I haven't published the website, I haven't paid....lol....it's on the free version. however, it's a question that I have an "not linked page"...but I would love to have this page with one of the nav also has an underline
  3. I want to have a text with link to be the different color whenever it's the current page, I have found some solutions for nav sections, but that's not what I'm asking about. Thanks for advises.
  4. Site URL: https://thepointsguy.com I'm wondering how to realize a click function that the text will collapse from the left to right? the example will be like the website https://thepointsguy.com upright corner "US" Thanks
  5. Hi, there are a lot on accordion tab solutions on squarespace 7.1, I'm wondering, is there any solution for the expandable/collapsed text but open/close horizontally, it could be similar to accordion but collapse from left to right? thanks.
  6. that's interesting, mysterious~maybe someone from the SS team could explain for us, for instance based on what principle (e.g. file size? date?)
  7. interesting, but in fact i deleted some pages which included "outdated" images for months, but still, these images are still at "imported" tab...
  8. i have the biz plan, so what's the best solution to approach the goal?
  9. hi @derricksrandomviews thanks for your response, however, that's not what i want to archive. I'm not talking about the nav bar. I'm talking about all the single pages inside of blog and portfolio. and what I wanted is not on the nav, it's just on top of each page but underneath of the sitewise nav bar.
  10. 7.1 User, I’m wondering, can I simply use the code injection at somewhere which could add a text “Contact Me” on the top of all the blog and portfolio pages instead of add this word to each page manually... Thank you.
  11. I have fund I have hundred images on the imported section, and I can not delete them....
  12. I'm a v7.1 user. Let’s say I have an Events Page, I created a new entry, let’s call it “Day One”, then during the editing, I added a Gallery Block (Grid). Of course I can upload images from my local files, my main confusion here is on the right side of the “Upload Media”, there is an option called “Use Existing Gallery”, the question is where these Existing Galleries are? If I haven’t had one, where can I create one? I doubt this is a BUG, because this option will be always "There are no collections.”, and there is no way to pull from any collections here. Please confirm I have uploaded a screenshot here Thanks Screen Recording 2021-01-22 at 07.28.08 PM.mp4
  13. Hi, I'm using the 7.1 platform. I'm wondering could I only show the caption whenever click on the Lightbox on Portfolio? Currently, with turned on the caption and Lightbox, I could see the caption below the image, but can not see the caption on the Lightbox mode. Thank you
  14. Site URL: https://www.ghostplugins.com/steps/7ke9hn57 Hi, I followed instruction from ghoustplugins.com installed the code for Solid Underline Search Block, however, I have been seeing the border frame around the search block, how could I hide it? please see a screenshot at here thanks
  15. I want to change the font-size from the title on summary block .summary-title .summary-title-link { } Can I just simply set it to H2 or H3 on my site that has already set? thanks
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