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  1. Hi everyone As per title I would like an area where members can loginWithin this area, i'd like users to be able to upload pictures or pdfsCan squarespace have a calendar where people can sign up for events? Any help you can give me would be very helpful!
  2. is there any way to get pictures to fade into each other rather than fade to black first?
  3. I'm trying to change the background colour of summary blocks. but im struggling to target it. https://richard-porter-m6or.squarespace.com/latest-articles as you can see here the summary block is exactly what i was looking for but i think the letters would pop a little more on a white background for that block while retaining the wood for the rest of the page. Thanks so much for your attention, its been driving me a little crazy, such a small detail!
  4. I tried using Firebug, whenever I inspect elements it gives a YUI number, not a block ID. I’m trying to change the colour of specific blocks.
  5. Im stuggling to find my block id's that arn't yui... any ideas?
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