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  1. The important difference when choosing templates in Squarespace 7.1 is choosing one that has the preferred default color theme, ie. default 'Dark 1' colour theme vs. default 'Lightest 1' color theme. I inadvertently chose a Dark color theme, and I was getting frustrated with the dark pages as loading... because once you've started your website, you are locked in to the theme/template you chose... My current work around is I changed the 'Dark 1' color theme to my 'Lightest 1' colors (lots of edits to that color theme) but essentially, it fixed my issue with my current website I was working on with a dark theme template. Now when I load a new page, it's in the Dark 1 theme but mimics all Lightest 1 colors. And how about requested feature changes to the color themes such as: -- ability to edit the color theme names; -- ability to delete color themes I don't use; and -- ability to duplicate a color themes to recreate a new color them out of the duplication I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on this.... Peace, and happy hacking, Céline
  2. The following simple solution works in resolving my issue: /* WEGLOT hide current language */ .weglot-link--active { display: none !important; } Thank you everyone, Céline
  3. Hi Kris! I see you have successfully created the toggle between two languages on your website using Weglot. Bravo! Is it possible for you to share the solution? I am seeking to do the same with my website. Thank you kindly in advance, Céline
  4. Found it! It's located on the 'shop' layout edit screen. Cheers!
  5. I am trying to change the 'variant field' back from box to select, but can't locate this is Squarespace 7.1 commerce
  6. how do I re-style slideshow thumbnails on product pages commerce squarespace 7.1
  7. This should NOT be the default! It's a bad user experience feature, and it shouldn't be the default only mendable via custom css. Please @SQUARESPACE fix this feature !!
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