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  1. I know I can manually remove the banner image on my gallery pages but everytime i make a chance I need to remove the media. Wondering if there is a CSS code to override it so it doesn't appear? this is how the site looks with the banner image not removed https://www.jchongstudio.com/test-banner-01 this is the image manually removed from each page https://www.jchongstudio.com/ here is my poor attempt at trying to override but it turned the navigation text white. https://www.jchongstudio.com/test-banner-02 this is the code i tried. body#collection-615cc58f02734176d27c599b .page-banner-wrapper { display: none !important; } body#collection-615cc58f02734176d27c599b figure.Intro-image.loaded img { display: none; background: #fff; } body#collection-615cc58f02734176d27c599b .Site-inner { background: #fff;}
  2. Hi, Wondering if anyone has found a solution to create an Index Gallery Page on Brine that has the same Masonry style images to match the rest of the galleries? I'd love for my project page (https://www.jchongstudio.com/projects) to match the Auto Grid / Masonry style to match the rest of my website galleries however Index Gallery Pages only have the Grid (without auto heights). Alternatively if there is a code to create caption overlays similar to what I have shown under projects with a masonry gallery page would love any tips!
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