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  1. Got it. Thank you SO MUCH for the help!! You can definitely count me as your deed for the day!
  2. Thanks for the tip!! My images are now covered 75% from the top. Do I need to tweak the - 32px to make the text box cover 100% of the image? I tried 40px, but that just made it worse...
  3. Does anyone know some CSS Code to customize the current “Caption Overlay on Hover” option for images on the Pacific template? I’d like the caption overlays to appear over 100% of the image when I hover. The width spans the entire length of the picture, but the height only spans about 50% of the picture, depending on how much I write in the text box. This is driving me nuts, and it makes my mobile site look horrible! Ideally, I’d like my caption overlay on hover to fit 100% of the image like this: http://www.vergecollective.com/#expressions-page I've tried the following CSS code, but it
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