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  1. hi I would like to view only the news of the international site (in English) keeping the menu and the footer in the language of the site (in this case Portuguese) always thank you for your support
  2. hi Tuan I hope to find you well ... we went back to work on the project after the summer holidays this is the link to the page of the Portuguese site with the last code you sent. https://seda-iberica.squarespace.com/test-news psw 2021 works well with the main menu but incorporates the English footer always thanks for your valuable advice
  3. thank you very much I'm sorry but we had to stop for a moment with work i saw the solution now you see the whole page without frames! the problem is that the menus of the source page are also incorporated and not the translated menu in this way by clicking on a menu item you can browse the source site ... can only the page block be incorporated? without menu? Thanks again
  4. https://sedagroup.squarespace.com/test01news hi I had already tried with iframe but unfortunately I could not manage the display but only the frame size in addition, the menu always appears but maybe you have a solution... 🙂 thank you very much
  5. hi this is the link to the blog https://sedagroup.com/seda-news and this to the summary page https://sedagroup.com/news unfortunately we have already created two out of 6 clones but I'm going to see the guide thank you very much
  6. multilingual site created by duplicating the main site is it possible to view or publish the contents of the main site blog (news) on secondary sites? I am working on a multilingual site (4 languages). I've created duplicates of the main site for each language so that I can translate the main menu and footer as well. Is there a way to display the blog (news) of the main site on the other sites? So that the news can always be the same without having to individually update all the blogs of the different sites? Can you embed the blog code only (not the whole page) in a frame? how would it work on mobile? Do you know of other solutions? Unfortunately squarespace support has no solution. Thank you
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