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  1. If anyone else is experiencing a similar problem Squarespace support offered this solution: Place the square photos on a white (or whatever color your gallery is) rectangular canvas in Photoshop. Then upload the rectangular file and it will display appropriately in your gallery. It's tedious but it works well.
  2. Two of my galleries have medium format (square) photographs which don’t display well in Flatiron galleries. They are way too large so that viewers have to scroll in order to see the entire image like here: http://www.jlevinsonphoto.com/#/pushedout/. I edited the CSS to make them appear smaller like in this gallery: http://www.jlevinsonphoto.com/#/afghanistan/ The CSS I added screwed up the mobile version so that the images appear as small thumbnails. Any idea how I can make my CSS changes ONLY apply to the desktop version? This is the code I used to change the gallery: #collection-53fcea
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