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  1. @MaryPhilip_ Sadly this displays not just the tags for the post but for the entire blog for example. So wah wah! I got excited for a moment!
  2. I know this is a very old post and response - but none of the templates listed above are "horizontal scrolling" They employ various blocks like a gallery block slide show which is by virture of a slideshow horizontal or summary block blog content slide show - the same. Taittinger Champagne website is a "horizontal scrolling website" https://www.taittinger.com/en/demi-sec Which means if you page up/down arrow up/down the site scrolls left/right the same with the track roller on a mouse on dragging vertically on an apple magic mouse! It would be as if you are building "Ind
  3. Thanks this worked for me removing the comma from Blog Post MetaData Categories! Just had to replace the Element Class Name!
  4. @WTCOC I've got an index page with mutliple pages and several summary carouselI only want the auto play to affect the first and lastAny suggestions? http://www.homeirastyle.com
  5. Sadly something is up with the "thecustomersquare.com" code - I had used it successfully all year and it totally broke a client site starting on Monday. Brine / Rally template. No response from support @ The Custom Square :(
  6. @barney You have to put the code in the index page for it to work on a page that's part of an index
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