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  1. Yes same on both those issues that carollyne raised. Direct to members home on login and Not having every page of the members area in the drop down. Anyone made any progress on this?
  2. I have exactly this issue, alot of companies only want an 'invite only' member not public.
  3. Thanks @tuanphan That works perfectly!! So just for everyone else to use... To put a caption over an image in a full bleed gallery slideshow. Example below. Code is below with @tuanphan sorting out the gap.
  4. @tuanphan purifyco.com.au password : PCO2020 Thanks for taking a look! I am in Australia, hence slow reply 🙂
  5. With CSS i have managed to move the caption in a gallery slide show on to the photo with a tinted background ( Tick) BUT the gallery section retains a white panel below the image. This creates an excessive gap to the next section. Any one? or @tuanphan you are a legend. Can this be removed with further code? Current code i have used is...
  6. Yes likewise.. anyone solved this? if you set the pages up as indexes .The search results are just filled with links to internal sections that misformat when you view directly as opposed to within the index. It's a totally substandard offering.
  7. Likewise I have exactly the same issue. It is very bad experience for people searching. Because index pages can be made up of many subpages that are simple... like a CTA or just a background image and a title for example, The search results link directly to the individual internal pages, which misformat when not viewed in an index structure and just have no real info. i have a client who considering scraping the project because the site search is so poor.
  8. @inside_the_square Worked a treat. Gold star for you.
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