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Samuel Petyt

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  1. Hello again. I'm finding generally that page loads are throwing up internmittent problems, such as background colours specific to certain pages not loading - you need to refresh the page to load the coloured background. This could was used in Page Settings > Advanced <style> .Main { background-color: #cbe9fa !important; } </style> You can then navigate to another page and it adds a background colour when you haven't added the HTML to that page. I appreciate that this is probably my fault - but I would be really grateful for the help! Sam
  2. Site URL: https://sharpcleaning.squarespace.com/ Hi There, Please see the attached pictures. I am finding with the Brine template, there is an issue with how a website page loads. Content appears to be loading 'too high' or 'behind the nav' bar. See attached pictures. First picture is correct load, second picture is incorrect. When the page is refreshed, it loads correctly. I'm wondering if this is related to 'content padding' or something similar in the Style Editor. I am having these issues using Safari and Chrome on a mobile device. Any suggestions? Th
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