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  1. Your site is private. Please follow instructions in previous post to let us in.
  2. It appears you are trying to mix Javascript and CSS. That won't work. Add the following to Design > Custom CSS. [data-section-id="609084d63d45de554fe899f5"], [data-section-id="615e0033625b2043c92d327a"] { display : none; } .lang-show[data-section-id="609084d63d45de554fe899f5"], .lang-show[data-section-id="615e0033625b2043c92d327a"] { display : flex; } Add the following to Brad's multi language code. /*SHOW LANGUAGE FOOTER*/ if (lang == "en") document.querySelector('[data-section-id="609084d63d45de554fe899f5"]').classList.add('lang-show'); if (lang == "fr") document.querySelector('[data-section-id="615e0033625b2043c92d327a"]').classList.add('lang-show'); Let us know how it goes.
  3. @JoanneLemon If you want a site-wide change for your h tags you'll want to put your code in Design > Custom CSS. Leave out the rel="stylesheet">. That is not CSS.
  4. This is not a solution but more of an example of what I was thinking of. You'd have a file nav.html uploaded somewhere. Then with jQuery do something like the following. var url = '/s/nav.html' $.get ( url, function ( data ) { const $nav = $( data ); console.log ( $nav ); } );
  5. Please post the URL for a page on your site where we can see your issue. If your site is not public please set up a site-wide password, if you've not already done so. Post the password here. Adding a site-wide password is not a security breach. Please read the documentation at the link provided to understand how it works. Please read the documentation at the link provided on how to share a link to your site to understand how it works. A link to the backend of the your site won’t work for us, i.e. a url that contains /config/. We can then take a look at your issue.
  6. It's hard to envision exactly what you have going without being able to see sites/pages in action. What you might be able to do is take the div and put that into a file on your computer. Then upload that one file to one site using the link page file upload trick. Then with Javascript, read that file in and place that onto your sites where needed. Then from there all you need to do is update your div file on your computer and re-upload it when you need to make changes. Not sure if that flow would work but the main take away is to get that div into a place where it can be read and placed by Javascript.
  7. SS's image handling is designed with an auto-aging system that is supposed to auto delete unused images. I think is a laudable feature. Kind of a set it and forget it deal. Unfortunately that functionality is not sufficient for a number of use cases.
  8. It appears that these forms were created outside of Squarespace's form tools using Zoho's form builder. To edit those forms you'll need to access them with Zoho's tools.
  9. @dhobman Almost the same page. I looked at the link I posted previously which is the product detail page. On the product index page you posted I can also see product listed.
  10. SS doesn't provide this kind combining of sites. On the upside you can add a person/email address to multiple sites to handle processing orders. With notifications set it should be easier to know when orders are coming in for which site.
  11. A font expert might be able to know the font just by looking at it. I'm not a font expert. If the font is on a page of a site and it is actual text as opposed to text that is part of the image it is pretty easy to find out the name of the font.
  12. There are several sites that have/sell code for use with SS. And several folks share/sell their wares on their own sites. There isn't a codepen like site dedicated to SS.
  13. @zzlogan There are two ways I can think of too solve this issue. I don't have any specific code for either scenario. First you could put a background color behind the sidebar itself. That way you wouldn't have to do anything fancy. Just some, hopefully, simple CSS. The other method that comes to mind would be somewhat tricky and would require Javascript. It might be possible to track the sidebar and detect what background color is behind it and then alter the color of the links.
  14. @Diederik My code wasn't designed to work with Lazy Summaries. LS provides extensive customization opportunities. There may be a setting that will handle your need without my code. And if not, almost certainly some custom code could be written to integrate with LSs way of customizing its output.
  15. Sharing a site-wide password is not a security breach. Please read the documentation at the link provided to understand how it works.
  16. @Niamhhi If you need a simple text description you can add a section above the store using the SS interface.
  17. Here is an alternate way to do it. <script> const url = 'http://www.tomsWeb.consulting/'; location.href = url; </script> Let us know how it goes.
  18. Excellent! If you notice any other oddities with editing links in the text block editor, let us know. There have been a few comments over the last couple of days about tb editing weirdness but no clear pattern has emerged.
  19. I see the issue. It appears the footer text block is messed up. Try fixing the text block. If it doesn't seem to be working you may want to create a new text block and enter the links again. Let us know how it goes.
  20. You can do this manually within the SS interface. move product.mp4
  21. Sounds like you are using v7.1. What SS calls templates for v7.1 are not like templates work in v7.0. All v7.1 sites have the same underlying structure. Whereas with v7.0 changing a template can make major changes to the underlying structure of the site. In v7.1 what SS calls templates are really a group of color themes with particular settings, along with a few other bits and bobs. The underlying structure does not change. So, with some work any v7.1 site can be made to look like any other v7.1 at least as far as the colors go. Unfortunately there is not an easy way to switch "templates" on v7.1. Now if you've just started your site and you've not paid yet and not invested a lot of time changing the site you could start another trial site with the v7.1 template you want to use.
  22. @mjz Check out Heather Tovey's most excellent looking Squarespace ID Finder. It's a more user friendly way to get the section id, once you get it installed. There is another option. You can target the page by section position using nth-child pseudo selector. Whether that targeting will work for your needs, I don't know. Targeting by section id is good because it should follow the section around the page. The nth-child pseudo selector depends on the position of things and if the position of your element of interest changes, the effect can be ruined.
  23. @misimo Please see Store Product Price Remove Decimal for Prices Greater Than or Equal to N. Let us know how it goes.
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