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  1. Hi Creedon,

    It looks like you have experience in Developer Mode. I have a client who has a custom site and I'm in over my head. Are you open to new work or do you know anyone? This is the site https://www.obbmedia.com/

    The main issue they want resolved is to add a small icon (that looks similar to their logo) on hover for the about page (not sure if above or below name and title) https://www.obbmedia.com/about

    The other issue is in navigation. They would like to remove ALL from under pictures so when you click on pictures that is the default. Will also do this for contact when we add careers and internships. 

    2 other glitches:

    -- New dropdown items are right justified
    -- default for new pages is a transparent logo

    Would love to hear from you.



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