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  1. Yes, thanks so much, modsquare. I had just got off a chat with Squarespace tech support who had told me what you've just said, so gold star for accuracy and thanks for taking the time. And yes, you're right about erasing the site title. Editing the SEO description by navigating to the SEO panel causes it. Going in through the Marketing>SEO is the preferred way, according to Squarespace. I discovered this because the SEO consultant kept erasing the site title and leaving the website Untitled. He didn't seem to think it was that significant....
  2. Site URL: https://clivedouglasmediation.co.uk/ Site URL: http://clivedouglas.com I have moved this from the "Page and Content" topic thread on this forum, as I reckon that it's more likely to find someone who knows what's causing this… I am developing a website for a client, who has used "an SEO consultant" (sic). For some reason, after the SEO title has been entered (by the consultant), the word "Untitled" now appears. I can't see where this is coming from or why. I have included a couple of screen shots to show how it's appearing, as well as the form panel. It's obvious that the "consultant" doesn't know much about Squarespace, but there's not much I can do to wrest this away from him, so it's my problem to solve, it seems. Thoughts, suggestions, solutions? Thanks in advance!
  3. This worked great, up to a point. The fatal flaw is in the display of the thumbnail gallery images, which continue to show the price, whereas the individual items do not. Arrgghh..
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