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  1. Great, yet chat *still not available* (doubt it ever will be), and emailing does not give this problem anything close to a topic to choose. So I have no idea someone in the right department will even get it. And please don't tell me whoever gets it will work on it... I might choke from laughing. 😄
  2. I've made my decision, after a ton of reading Reddit and other blogs, to switch *all* my domains to Porkbun. I sent them an email this morning, (Sunday) and they replied to me within an hour or two. That was good enough for me. $11 a year, and they have support by phone, email, and live chat. SquareSpace has shown me enough (nothing at all) to run from them as fast as my keyboard can take me. This way, I have same day support on DNS and SSL issues (which I am currently suffering issues with), and I will (for now) leave the site that I built here on SquareSpace that I prepaid for 12 months anyway. It was a great feeling doing a few transfers this morning from GoDaddy (I also had domains still registered there), since GoDaddy at least gives you an instant transfer auth #... Those on SquareSpace I elected to transfer out, tells me I need to wait 24 hours for a transfer #... (Big Surprise there!) So Bye bye SquareSpace, as far as my domain registrar... Hopefully I won't need help with the actual histed site I leave here (for now), because I know I'd never see it.
  3. Been there, tried that (100 times). We will see how this plays out, but no way I let this run past the 14 days... I will cancel and move on long before that. Thanks for the advice. Have a good one!
  4. Hi Julian, Only issue I am having is, the domain now resides with SquareSpace, moved automatically from Google Domains. Not sure the "3rd party" instructions are for me, yes? No?
  5. Thank you Agnes, It absolutely can become frustrating, and has. And not only is it not easy to get a hold of any of the "Award Winning 24/7 Customer Support Team" members. I am now on a chat with DigiCert, which may prove helpful, since I am getting zero help from SquareSpace. Hope you have a better day than I am having! 😄
  6. I need someone willing to go into my DNS settings, and correct whatever it is making my site show up as "Not Secure". Another half a day wasted, and all I can show is a screen test showing a mismatch for the SSL certificate that is supposedly assigned to my domain, although the SquareSpace log in screen shows "Certificate not available", go figure. Anyone interested, tell me how we connect, agree on cost, and get this done. Thank you, Joe
  7. Had these same issues. The key to modifying your DNS records is to log into your SquareSpace account using an incognito window. (I use Chrome). It's the only time the system will accept edits, deletions, or additions from me.
  8. LOLOLOL.... Too funny. This was the funniest line I heard since Seinfeld was on Prime Time.
  9. Good early morning to those awake with me, I was switched to SquareSpace automatically from Google Domains. I figured since I am here already, I would open an ecommerce site to sell one of my products online. I made a very simple, easy website without much of a problem, but now cannot get it to load up. Many attempts to chat have failed, and the one time I could get someone live, "Sunny from Australia", at 4am this morning (my time), it went into the further frustration column. As she told me after some time, that she needed to bump it to their technical team, who will respond to me by email. Side Note: The reason I woke up so early, and decided to jump on the chat, was an email I get from SquareSpace, telling me to "keep my SquareSpace Payments active, we need some information by June 4th"... I just created the website yesterday, June 6th... you see my rising concern? When reviewing the issue they have with the information needed to confirm my identity, they indicate they cannot verify an operating website... Haha! (That line goes "You cannot make this **** up) Reading hundreds of reviews, blogs, etc, I hold out little hope of them helping at all. My first gut feeling was to call DiscoverCard, and dispute the 1 year fee I paid in advance, and jump ship, along with all the other domain names I have registered with SquareSpace (since being moved from Google). Then I went to Shopify, initiated a chat, to see what their thoughts were on moving my domain in question over to them, and was met with a message saying I could schedule a meeting with (insert name here) next week... LoL... Okay, this is the way of the world now, I guess. So in an effort to try to stay reasonable, calm, and move forward, I figured I would see if one of the helpful people on here could possibly get me up and running. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to jump in. Joe
  10. I had to give a laugh reaction to this, because it seems odd we need to "fool" an "award winning 24/7 customer service" team to respond to a request for help... Bad vibes building up. SquareSpace is getting a bad reputation on sites like Reddit, etc... I wish I read up on them before paying for a year in advance. This article/help topic kind of supports my frustration that has developed at the very first try with using them to create and host a site.
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