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  1. Your top banner is an image that's 1920x1080 that's being cropped into the site banner at 2543x440 (on my desktop screen) <div id="#banner-area-wrapper">. I looked at it using mobile mode and it shows the entire banner image. Is that an intentional design? Do you get the same layout shift warnings on mobile? If not (and I'm no expert on this), perhaps the image cropping is causing the layout shift warning - given you're taking 1080 and chopping the top and bottom of the image to get to 440?
  2. Is there a possibility that the pop-up you have for subscribing is affecting the metrics? It caused a big glitch when I visited the site and this will translate to a layout shift. I get errors about multiple H1s, and slow page load warnings from Google Lighthouse, and other tools, when I have promotional popups and cookies enabled. Since we don't have a lot of traffic to our site at night, I temporarily turn off those items and run my crawls and metrics. It has a major impact on my results. I hope this points you in the right direction.
  3. You have cast a very wide net; there are literally thousands of results. For starters, have you tried 'Feng Shui Consultants near me'? Check if your page is using keywords that will get you recognized in your local area. If not, start by concentrating on getting your SEO pages and home page driving local traffic, then go from there. Use a free browser SEO plugin like Ahrefs to allow you to see if your pages have the correct SEO titles, descriptions, and content. It is a slow and methodical process. Small steps... Edit: I just looked at your site with Ahrefs plugin, and your site title contains 'Feng Shui Consultations', not 'Feng Shui Consultants' so you need to work on keywords for sure. In addition, your home page title ('FENG SHUI CONSULTATIONS FOR GOOD FORTUNE!') ought to be h1, and yours is h2. This can have an impact on search results.
  4. We changed the page headings on our site over a month ago. It took the best part of a month for it to be reflected across all of our 50+ pages in Google, and it took more than that with Bing. In fact, some of our pages are still not indexed by Bing even now, despite us using IndexNow. You'll just have to be patient, and try submitting individual pages for re-indexing by Google.
  5. I ended up building two versions myself to embed reviews into my wife's website: The first used JavaScript with the Google Maps API and Google Places API, and I embedded this on the page using a tool called slick slider. It is a total coding solution, and the Google Places API only gives you the last five reviews. My second version uses JavaScript and a Google Cloud Function, where it uses a service account to access the Google My Business API (which I had to request separately) using OAuth2. It was a challenge to get it working, but it works well now it is in place. I am able to get all of the reviews, and can code for the future. I retrofitted this into the same slick slider for convenience sake. If you're not a coder, then one of the popular embedding solutions like Elfsight would be better for you. Depending on the popularity of your website, you can be paying between $50 and $100 per year, depending on what you would like to implement.
  6. It isn't just related products: Product list in store (alt="" + alt="<alt text of product image>") <div class="products-flex-container"> Background image (alt="" + alt="<filename of background image>") It used to affect the image in our page footer, but I replaced the standard image block with some markup code so I could control the HTML and the alt attribute. It appears to be widespread.
  7. The site audit function on Ahrefs definitely points these things out, but the plugin is nice because it's an instant audit. I also downloaded and tested my site with an application called Screaming Frog. It is yet another tool for SEO, but it's good for analyzing the types of things we're discussing: titles, headings, descriptions, metadata, etc. It requires an install. The free version is limited in functionality, but I really like it for sanity checking any changes I make to my site.
  8. I was a lead technical consultant for a software integration startup that was a low-code solution. We were asked to see if we could pull from Google's Gadget API (brand new in 2008/2009) and get/put data into SAP and Salesforce. I had to learn and implement OAuth 1.0a in our platform. It was a challenge then, and is still a challenge now for headless integration; we were an appliance-based solution. I face the same challenge today, because I'm trying to figure out how to implement the Google My Business API in our site without exposing the keys, and use it to serve up all the reviews from our Google Business listing. It requires OAuth 2.0, but I don't want any user interaction where you have to approve logins, etc. That's for another day...
  9. Agreed, though Google already has a bulk submission API that's OAuth based. I am not sure if they will adopt IndexNow, because they are pretty set in their ways; I worked with Google on early OAuth 1.0a projects in 2009, so that's their preferred method.
  10. I just tested a POST to https://api.indexnow.org and it worked with no problem. The body is JSON { "host": "<host>.com", "key": "<key>", "keyLocation": "https://<host>.com/<key>.txt", "urlList": [ "https://<host>.com/home", "https://<host>.com/about", ... "https://<host>.com/..." ] }
  11. That did it! It never occurred to me to 301 to the static page directly. You guys are awesome! Thanks!
  12. My key is loaded to /s/<key.txt>, and I have a 301 redirect from / to -> /s/, which in turn leads to https://static1.squarespace.com/static/..../<key>.txt. If I hit the URL from a browser, the key is downloaded. I have a second version of the same key loaded to /s/MyKey-<key.txt>, and I have a 301 redirect from / to -> /s/, which in turn leads to https://static1.squarespace.com/static/..../MyKey-<key>.txt. If I hit the URL from a browser, the key is downloaded. Tests and results from Postman: From Postman GET https://ssl.bing.com/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx> returns HTTP 202 GET https://api.indexnow.org/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx> returns HTTP 202 GET https://yandex.com/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx> returns HTTP 202 GET https://ssl.bing.com/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx>&keyLocation=https://<host>.com/[<key.txt>|<MyKey-<key.txt>] returns HTTP 202 GET https://api.indexnow.org/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx>&keyLocation=https://<host>.com/[<key.txt>|<MyKey-<key.txt>] returns HTTP 202 GET https://yandex.com/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx>&keyLocation=https://<host>.com/[<key.txt>|<MyKey-<key.txt>] returns HTTP 202 Failures GET https://ssl.bing.com/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx>&keyLocation=https://static1...com/[<key.txt>|<MyKey-<key.txt>] returns HTTP 422 GET https://api.indexnow.org/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx>&keyLocation=https://static1.com/[<key.txt>|<MyKey-<key.txt>] returns HTTP 422 GET https://yandex.com/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx>&keyLocation=https://static1.com/[<key.txt>|<MyKey-<key.txt>] returns HTTP 422 The error is Invalid Key Location, which is to be expected as they key is not delivered from the same host as the url specified From Firefox https://ssl.bing.com/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx> returns HTTP 202 https://api.indexnow.org/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx> returns HTTP 202 https://yandex.com/indexnow?url=https://<host>.com&key=<xxx> returns HTTP 202 I guess I wait and see if I get verified overnight. My Bing Webmaster was verified through Google Search Console; Bing says I have nothing more to do on that front. Thanks again for your advice.
  13. Thanks for the detailed reply. I tested with Postman and just a verify with Firefox, too. I'll update you later this evening with my results.
  14. I'm very new to this SEO stuff, and I've been using the Ahrefs free Firefox plugin to check my own page structure: SEO titles, descriptions, headings, etc. I'm attaching two screenshots I took of your Home page, and About page. The Home page shows your headings are out of sequence; Ahrefs claims the first heading should be H1, and it is not the case for you. Since I am new to the SEO topic, I'm tending to believe the tooling; I don't know if the crawlers actually care about the order of the headers but the warning is there. The About page has a very long description. This is probably because you have not filled out the SEO Description in the page settings -> SEO -> SEO Title and Description. My understanding is that the description factors heavily in the indexing algorithm. If you have your old version of the site, you can go back and check how it was set up to compare how your new template has affected your page structure and SEO-related configuration withing Squarespace. I hope some of the more seasoned SEO experts weigh in for you, but I hope this helps you in small way. I would install the tool and check all of your pages; you can even sign up for the free version of the Ahrefs too and perform a site audit to gain more insights into you dilemma.
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