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  1. Nevermind! - figured these both out. For the broken arrows, rather than hiding the stock arrows and creating new ones, I just manipulated the stock arrows since they didn't have the disappearing issue and were extremely similar to the arrows I had added. For the position of the arrows I did this: /* arrow locations */ [data-section-id="6658bf15078f2e04ba48585f"] { .arrows-bottom { width:100% !important; } button.user-items-list-carousel__arrow-button--right { justify-self: end; } button.user-items-list-carousel__arrow-button--left { justify-self: start; } } /* arrow locations */
  2. Sorry, I forgot I had changed the name of this page. This: https://collie-helicon-pkhp.squarespace.com/projects?p password: test123 Thanks,
  3. Hi, I'm having the same issue with part of my arrow disappearing when clicked, but I can't change the 'display' of it because of how it's coded. Thoughts? Also, I'd like to justify each arrow to the left and right of the container. Right now I'm using L/R margins, but I'd like them to be adaptive. https://collie-helicon-pkhp.squarespace.com/projects?p password: test123 Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks, I'm going to keep the buttons for now. That said, the issue I thought had gone away keeps coming back intermittently and I'm not sure if it's just something buggy with square-space or the actual code. - When rotating the carousel, the 1st and 2nd listed content items buttons will only work when they are in the 1st or 2nd position on the carousel (from the left). - Then, when the above noted issue has gone away, a different issue appears where a selected button will sometimes "unselect" itself if the carousel is rotated in certain positions. Again, not sure if it's just square-space being buggy. Same link and password if you have any ideas. Thanks,
  5. Used this to view portfolio content below selected from a carousel and it works great! Great demo, thanks!
  6. Hot dam that's great! I've got it integrated. Thank you so much! Only issue is that in certain instances (that seem random), when circling around the carousel, the link buttons wont work unless they are 1st and/or 2nd position of the carousel (starting from the left). *Update - as I'm writing this, I've refreshed the page and this issue appears resolved. Next, I'd like to play around with using the carousel image and/or title as the link button, and maybe even further identifying which project you're viewing by outlining the carousel image selected or fading the unselected images. I think I can muddle my way through that, but if you have other posts that do these things or similar I would love to see them. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I've searched through the forums but haven't found my answer. I'd like to have a carousel along the top of my portfolio page and when a photo or title is clicked it shows additional info and photos under the carousel, but the carousel remains at the top always to navigate between projects easily. I've demo'd this by using separate pages for each project and recreating the carousel on each project page, but I'm sure there's a better way to do it? https://collie-helicon-pkhp.squarespace.com/work?p Password: test123 Thanks,
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