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  1. I have the same issue! Anyone found a solution yet? Pulling my hair our 😞
  2. Hi,

    I've got a big problem that I just can't fix. Any help would be amzaing 🙂

    Ok here we go... I've built this site: tedworth.co.uk and on the Sales page are properties.

    Each property is added as a Product in Squarespace with a price. But as you can see the prices are huge (millions) and Squarespace can't display big prices like this

    So... I added this code which adds 3 zeros after each price. Problem solved.

    body.native-currency-code-gbp .sqs-money-native:after { content: ',000' !important }

    But... I have now created a Lettings page (not the one you can see on the site, this is a short term hack) and prices for lettings are in the thousands per week. 

    So... I need to remove / disable this code for the Lettings page ONLY but I canlt seem to get it to work.

    It seems like the above code works globally.

    Any help HUGELY appreciated. Thanks 🙂


    1. luxurylloyd


      I still have the above problem. Any help hugely appreciated 🙂

  3. Hi Michael. Looking for a Squarespace developer to connect Reapit (estate agency software) to a Squarespace site. I see how you've fed data into a blog here: https://monosnap.com/file/G6ZTIkS67Q1Ev8K6VDPpuINs1yUR5E

    And I'm guessing this is what we need. Could you help us? We'd pay you obviously! 🙂

    The site is: tedworth.co.uk and my email is: andrew@luxurylloyd.com Thanks!


    1. michaeleparkour


      Hi. Never work with Reapit. Is it service, what's the API? I may build sync, but need to understand what is the source 

    2. luxurylloyd
    3. michaeleparkour


      Yes, if provide me an API key and show what do you need ti import into SS, may try

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