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  1. Website: https://www.adrianjng.com/home2 I have managed to make all images the same height, with auto width set with this code below: @media screen and (min-width:768px) { .user-items-list-item-container[data-section-id="667244d4434d0c43bd617e11"] .user-items-list-carousel__media { height: 350px; width: auto; } } However, the images are now overlapping each other with weird margins as well 😕 I would like to have the images to not overlap one another while maintaining the same height, different width. I have attached an image of the desired look below. Thanks a lot!!!! 😄
  2. Heya!! Just wondering if you've gotten the solution? I'm trying to achieve the same look but struggling to do so!
  3. Both responsive on desktop and mobile T.T I am struggling to make it responsive on desktop view (both the section and the scrolling block marquee), as well as mobile version scrolling block marquee. Thank you so much!! 🙂
  4. Hello! Just wondering if you have ever gotten the solution? I would like to achieve the same look but I am struggling to do so!
  5. Hello! I am hoping to achieve this specific look with 4 images flushed to either side of the page and would always stick to the edge of the section while maintaining the responsiveness. I have attached an image for reference (images A,B,C,D) 🙂 I have tried various codes and I am struggling to execute it .... I manage to get the images to sit outside of the grid but never 100% aligned left or right to the edge of the page. Would appreciate some help!! 😅 Thank you 🙂 Website link: https://olive-fox-cn3g.squarespace.com/home2
  6. @tuanphan hello! apologies for mentioning you in this thread but just wondering if this is something that you would be able to help with? 🙂
  7. hello @Beyondspace! apologies for the inconvenience but may I ask how would I be able to make everything responsive? 🙂 I already know how to use media queries but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to use positioning or flex display (or perhaps other ways) to make it responsive 😕 I have also attached an image for my desired mobile layout with my previous reply, desktop layout is attached in the original post. thank you so much!!
  8. Thank you so much!!! XD Will start using the trick from now on! How can I get you a cup of coffee? 🙂
  9. Thank you so much! I have added 2 photos below for how I would like it to look like on mobile. The scrolling block marquee would ideally sit in between the two sections 🙂 Thank you so so much again!
  10. Oh sorry! I thought I attached it, but here's the link! 🙂 https://www.designedbycarolyn.co/about
  11. Hello! I am hoping to make this entire section responsive as seen in my attached image below. I have tried making certain elements relative and others absolute, and using % values to hopefully make everything proportionate, but I have had no luck 😕 I also want all my text to be responsive and remain in the specific layout/lines as show in the image. I tried combining either media query or CLAMP with absolute positioning, but again it didn't work... I also want the scrolling block marquee to be responsive. The scrolling block is a part of the next section (white colored background), and I used margin-top: -10% to shift is upwards so that it overlaps with the top blue section. But again, it's not responsive when I resize the screen, it doesn't stay in the same place right in between the both sections 😞 Thank you so much in advance!!! 😄
  12. @tuanphan Sorry if you don't mind me asking another question, would you kindly let me know how I can bring the dove with rose illustration on top of the section on the right? I have attached an image for reference but I have achieved a sticky split section for those 2 sections in the image. And I have used float-right with margin-right: -40% to achieve the effect of the illustration going off of the section. However, I want the illustration to sit on top of the adjacent section on the left so that it is visible. I'm not sure how I can achieve this, I have even even tried playing with the overflow but nothing seems to work 😞 Thank you so much!!!
  13. Hello! Yes that would be amazing! I got the gradient overlay figured out!! 😄
  14. Hello, I'm trying to achieve this specific look for my hero section (see attached image below). I want the logo and the button centered beside each other, and is responsive even on mobile. I would also like to add 2 anchor links on both sides of the header that jump to respective sections on the same page. Third thing is that to add a gradient overlay so that the video background fades into the second white section. I tried many different codes but still can't manage to execute it 😕 Is this achievable with Squarespace? Thank you so much in advance! Site: https://www.designedbycarolyn.co/home
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