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  1. @Lesum Worked amazingly! I just had to add some @media responsiveness tweaks afterwards so that the scroll bar did'nt show up on smaller screen sizes. Thank you so much!
  2. @Lesum That would be grand! As my website currently stands I've had to differentiate different portfolios, depending on if it's visual work or UX work. Being able to add subtitles to the title of the items would make my life so much easier! (And my website so much cleaner)
  3. Hi! As stated in the title, I'm trying to modify a portfolio section of my site. It is located here: https://www.magnushenry.se/uxwork Now, I want to be able to modify the hover effect on this in order to make it clearer for the user when they're hovering on the selected project what kind of work that specific project covers, preferably in another font than the title of the project. So for example, if one were to hover the first project called "Ease of care: UX for better living" I want the hover effect to both say show the projects title, but I'd also want it's category show up, so it would for example say: "Ease of care: UX for better living UX/UI/Wireframing" Is there any way to do this through custom code? The "Manage projects" section doesn't really help me with what I need, so I figured that if if there is a way it would hopefully be achievable through custom CSS.
  4. I know, and that's certainly a workaround. Problem is that the "work" section is uneditable, and that's where the links to my cases are located. I could for sure create another section and divide them that way, only felt more streamlined doing it in the project section itself.
  5. Hello! I'm currently using the Kester template in my portfolio at www.MagnusHenry.se. However the "Work" page that also serves as the main page is limiting in the way the template presents my cases. I can't add any blocks inside the work section, I also want to divide my projects so that they're clearly separated depending on what topic they cover. In this case I want to make a distinction between my UX Work and my Visual/Branding work. Is it possible to edit this part of the template through code injection?
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