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  1. Update. I didn't even see this but there's a guide on how to connect the platform I mentioned above (DialMyCalls) and Acuity through Zapier for appointment texting: https://www.dialmycalls.com/features/acuity-scheduling-integration
  2. I have found a solution to this, though it lies outside Acuity. I am using the platform called 'DialMyCalls' and Zapier, and it's pretty much point and click / intuitive. 1. Register on DialMyCalls, get a phone number, etc. (I think there are several services which do similar things but this one is working well for me). and go through the steps to register your phone number for SMS campaigns (it's pretty intuitive and they have good live chat support too) 2. Get a Zapier account 3. Set up a new 'Zap' in Zapier. Start with acuity by Linking your Acuity Account + then having Zapier pull sample records. As long as all looks good, duplicate a record (click the button) and change out the client fields to your own info so you don't test sms with your clients). Then set the appointment type and timing that you'd like to set the Zap for (you can do when the appointment is scheduled, and also a seperate zap for any time length before appointment start. I have created zaps for: SMS when Scheduled (for client shceduled Appts) SMS 1 day before appointment time SMS 2 hours before appointment time. After your have that step working successfully, then click the workflow and add DialMyCalls as the next step and 'Send a Message' as the action (you may want to also do the 'add a contact' as a follow on step, but i'd do that AFTER the send a message just in case it hits an error (like incorrectly formatted email), this way your SMS will send either way. Go through the steps again, link the account + popluate the necessary aspects with the data from your acuity record. This approach also gets you a nifty two way texting channel set up with your customers. I have used this now to set a 'Reply 'C' to confirm' text flow for our new clients, and this helps with no-shows too. Once they reply, the conversation moves into the two way chat stream and I send a manual confirmation back from there. You can also save auto-replies from DialMyCalls which is pretty nice feature if you do a lot of manual intervention on bookings. I've acutally switched off my Acutiy platform SMS messages now because I don't want mesasges to come from two different numbers. If you get stuck and have any questions I'm following this topic you can ask back on here and i'll reply, or email me at greg@trt-alpha.com and i'll see if i can help. Hope this helps you all as it was VERY fustrating to not have this option natively!
  3. So I figured out how to do this, but its a bit hacky. Posting in case anyone else searches for it. What i've done is expanded the booking slots availble at any given time to 2, and then i'm putting in an appointment to act as a blocker that is the entire day long which I am manually adding to every day that we aren't running 2 staff available for appointments. This works, it's flexible, it's ugly, and its manual. But at least it lets me expand capacity without too much heartburn.
  4. I have a medical clinic that i'm going to start adding an additional staff member that can take appointments but only for 1 day a week. The appointments would be the same profiles as we currently use, but we would like to effectively enable double booking across the whole day for that period (so that patients can see the availability for the day until both slots are taken, then this would be hidden and not bookable. I had thought the best way to do this would be an additional room that's only available 1 day out of the week, but it's not clear to me if this is the right path or not so wanted to check others to see what has been determined as best path to acheive. Over time we will want to expand that capacity and i'd like to be able to do that on a somewhat adhoc level, to potentially open up the double availability a few days in advance and let the appointments fill up.
  5. I believe you sould be able to do this with a recurring time block out on the calendar. During this time block administrators can add appointments, but clients would not have the option to select those times.
  6. I have just engaged with a third party vendor to get this up and running through APIs with Acuity, but would have much preferred to keep it in-platform. What would be most useful would be: - Ability to create a text tree with a confirmation message and response to a keyword (ex: Reply 'C' to Confirm) and then paths of texting based on whether the respondee confirmed or not. This should be enable-able by appointment type vs. being universal. This is STANDARD in many booking platforms, but just 1 text per booking is not reasonable when you're looking to get a first appointment in the books and clients aren't responding and/or no showing..
  7. 100% this feature needs to be added. We are manually tracking to add to a ban list if someone repeatedly reschedules or no-shows, but management from within Acuity would be much peferable, as would be reporting that enables us to see how many times a client rescheduled.
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