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  1. This worked great, thank you!!!!**Although one thing to note: you need to add the code to the primary index "container" settings. (In the Pages pane, click the gear on the top level of the index page.) It seems obvious now but I was trying to add the code from within the different sections where the settings of the index container aren't accessible.
  2. I NEED SITE BACKUPS!!!! Version Control! Multiple Undos! Something!!!! With multiple editors there must be a version control function with backups. It is too easy to mess up content and styling within a page. To not have any of these features in place, besides being so y2k, makes me terrified to hand my nicely built and styled website over to the clients. This seems like such a critical function I just can't believe it hasn't been integrated yet.
  3. Thank you bobvonlegg. I am in the Five template and I think it is working ok (I have the nav bar on top not on the side -- does that impact it? I wasn't able to get side nav working hierarchically at all to begin with). I'll have to check how it looks in mobile. Can you elaborate on the issues it is causing? I was actually able to link it to the first page within my folder (it didn't have to be unlinked) by doing as you said and naming the folder itself and was able to use a relative link: <a href="/schooling/">Cross Country</a> I'll report any issues I come across back l
  4. I tried the above solution but the fui # seems to change! (and I seem to recall reading that on another post), so instead I used the block id to style a block. Find the specific block id as instructed above and try something like: #block-7c37025ba385ca4d99a1 {background-color: #ededed; } I did additional styling to the block - added a border and some padding etc. #block-7c37025ba385ca4d99a1 {background-color: #ededed; border: 2px; border-style: solid; border-color: #999999; margin-left: 10px; margin-top:-10px;padding: 15px;}
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