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  1. Hello @HaleyWard and @Amy_Faire_ I have the same problem using SEMrush and using Ahrefs. I sent SquareSpace an email about it which them giving me (as usual) links to forums or online articles. However, what comes to mind is this - hopefully this one the explanation: SquareSpace usually blocks out IP of any sites that are requesting access multiple times (for safety and security purposes) and gave me something to do about the 403 for future crawls. : "Hello Aubrey, Thanks for your reply, and I am glad to hear the issue usually resolves itself when refreshing. I do understand your concern and looking to prevent 403 errors from happening again in the future, however please note it's not possible to completely prevent such errors as this is a security measure triggered by high volume of requests. While I can't speak for settings that can be adjusted within SEMRush, If you are encountering 403 errors yourself due to your IP address being blocked, there are some steps you can take here as noted in our guide when encountering 403 errors: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206545697-Common-error-messages-in-Squarespace#toc-browser-and-security As noted, after completing the first step by visiting the demo Squarespace site to complete a CAPTCHA and have the block on your IP address removed within six hours, this is not permanent. It's possible that this step may need to be repeated again in the future should the error be triggered again. Hope this information helps. Feel free to reach out if you need additional assistance. We are always here to help." I haven't tried it but maybe this can help?
  2. Auvz

    403 on our site

    Something wrong with the testing? So the problem is with SEMrush? There's also a 403 trigger in Ahrefs.
  3. Auvz

    403 on our site

    Hi, A couple of weeks this has happened for a full-month - every recrawl of SEMrush. The tool will trigger that there are a lot of broken links on our site --- this has been happening a lot. When I re-crawl again, it goes back to normal. SEMrush This has happened quite a lot... On Second month, - incorrect pages found in sitemap showed up. (SquareSpace already told me that these pages cannot be edited) Then i checked using Ahrefs - and the tool showed me a 403 problem. Then on SEMrush, this came up from one of the reports (then it went back to normal again) This has been happening a lot since March 2024 and it has seriously affected our site - causing us unstable organic traffic, loss of keyword ranking. Anyone has any idea has to sort this out?
  4. Auvz

    Rel="canonical" URL

    Hi, I've been having issues with incorrect pages in sitemaps reported by one SEO tool and it's been an on-going issue. The site is seqrcontact.com and there are about 7 pages which has wrong canonical tag. For example: This was the response from said SEO tool - Basically, I need to change the rel='canonical' href= to its primary URL /products/featured instead of the /products. I have a correspondence with a SquareSpace agent and unfortunately, said agent told me this cannot be fixed. I am not quite experienced with SquareSpace but I have tons of experience on WordPress and this is not a common issues - usually I can solve it almost immediately. The thing is I wanted to solve this error because the SEO tool (SEMrush) we are using right now aren't getting any read off from our site traffic (both organic and paid) but Google Analytics and Ahrefs are reading our data just fine. However due to the different calculations of SEMrush, our SEO data is going down (Domain Authority and Keywords) but our links are increasing. Previous months I am getting a read of 404 broken links (home page and several pages in our website) almost 3 times on repeat and I am concerned there must be something in SquareSpace that's bugging down our site but IDK what it is. That lead me to this sitemap incorrect issue - if it's incorrect, then indexing might be off and leading to couple of issues surrounding our data. I am pretty sure our links are legit since we are very careful our links; legit, clean - except for our regular blog posting. But what's really bugging me is the incorrect pages (Sitemaps) I'm thinking if I'm able to solve this then maybe I can correct the indexing (Google Console) - and get SEMrush to correct itself too. Does anyone have any suggestion? Tips? how can I edit this page?
  5. Hi, by "code" - how is this done?
  6. Do you think this is why sometime traffic's been down?
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