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  1. Hi team, Are you able to help with the following? Within the payment processing gateway of my website, I appear to be able to change the colour of the buttons (eg. the 'continue' button) however I appear unable to change the colour of the font within these buttons. As you can see in the attached photos, the font color is white which clashes with the button colour I want for the buttons. I have been utilising 'inspect element' within my Chrome browser and the custom CSS feature within Squarespace to update numerous elements within my website. Although I appear to have narrowed down on the exact name of these button block elements I want to update, when I add this exact information into the custom CSS feature in Squarespace, the updates don't work. I have attached images below to showcase how I can update the font color within 'inspect elements', proving I have the correct block name, however the same information doesn't change anything within my website. Is there any other code I can use here to update the font for these particular buttons? Alternatively, within the Squarespace design panel, which buttons am I looking at? Thanks all. Please let me know if this doesn't make sense. Mon
  2. Thank you! I must have missed that option as I created my website during a time when checkout was not able to be customised due to Squarespace updates. Either that or I just didn't see the option properly. I have removed each checkout form individually against each product. 🙂
  3. Hi all, Within my site, any time you click 'add to cart' on any of my products, a 'checkout form' window appears (see attached image) requiring that you fill in your name and email before the product is added to the cart. Not only does this add an extra step to simply adding a product to cart, this is annoying for customers wanting to purchase multiple products, as they will need to fill in the 'checkour form' potentially multiple times. Is there any way this checkout form can be removed, so that the product is automatically added to cart without needing to fill in additional details? I can't find where to remove this through my settings. My website is www.monkinloch.com Any help with this is appreciated. Thank you!! Mon
  4. Sure, sorry I thought I added it in but am not sure where that went. The URL is https://www.lanternfish-chicory-5hfb.squarespace.com (sorry if the beginning part of that is incorrect). Thanks!
  5. Hi team, I am extremely lost here, and any help is much appreciated! I have two summary blocks on my home page - One for my shop, and one for my blog. I have customised for desktop perfectly, and I am currently formatting for mobile. I have used custom CSS to create 2 columns for my 'shop' summary block. That's great! I am now trying to use custom CSS to format 1 column only for my 'blog excerpt' summary block. I can't seem to find code to do this properly. I would like to keep the stacking of each element as it is (photo on top, with writing underneath). I want to ensure everything within this block (including the image and all the writing) is centred across the entire mobile width. I have attached photos which I hope showcase what I have done and what I am working with. My website is currently not published so the password is currently: InterimPassword. Thank you! Mon
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