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  1. Sorry for the confusion -- no we do not want our customers adding content to our website. We want them to be able to send images to our processing mechanism. Hope that helps :)
  2. We want to be able to accept images from our customers. These will not be the images we use internally in our site presentation — it’s our buying public who would upload/send us the images for us to process. I see lots of different form fields for collecting, say, contact info, but no file-upload field. Is this possible? ===== Squarespace looks like a great platform for e-commerce if we have widgets to sell. Our customers would fill out a form, submit order info, then we’d fulfil that from a warehouse somewhere. We process images. Customers must be able to get images to us (both onesie-twosie images and hundreds of images in bulk, but we aren’t yet worried about bulk, we’re interested in the onesie-twosies right now). We have no warehouse with widgets to ship. Customer gets an image to us, we process it and get the results back to them. Is there a way to allow our clientele to upload images to us?
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