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  1. Hello, I am using version 7.1 of SS. I have a store page. in the store page, each item image is square and cropped. when you click on the detail page the image is not cropped. How can I not crop it in the store page level. is there css i can add or design adjustment i can do? Thanks for the help
  2. hello, I have a shop on SS, and want to hide the add to cart button only. As not set up paypal yet, but want people to still email for products. What code do I need to just hide the ADD TO CART button? I am using the flatiron template.
  3. hello, where do i copy that code into? the shop advanced code panel or the whole site?
  4. thanks for this post. Really helpful. Is there a way to change the link colours so its more clear those words are links?
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