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    lesu-wacosi75 reacted to Shadmon in How to create vertical timeline in Squarespace   
    Hey @GlynMusica I wanted to share that I’ve developed a Squarespace timeline plugin that might be of interest to you. Works on both versions (7.0 and 7.1)
    The plugin is built with the Squarespace editor, so there’s no need for custom code. It’s user-friendly and designed to integrate seamlessly with your Squarespace site.
    You can find the plugin here:

    Vertical Timeline
    https://squarestash.com/product/timeline-01/ and

    Alternative Vertical Timeline
    I hope this plugin can be a valuable resource for those looking to add a timeline to their Squarespace site. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance.

    Screenshot of Vertical Timeline:

    Screenshot of Alternative Vertical Timeline:

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    lesu-wacosi75 reacted to Shadmon in Keep user on same page when pressing action button in promo pop up   
    @popofglitter Please use this default URL for users to stay on the same page.
    /inquire Let me know if it works for you!
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    lesu-wacosi75 reacted to Shadmon in Change colour of selected buttons   
    Please add this CSS to your website: You can add this code to Website > Website Tools > Custom CSS

    .ProductItem-details .variant-radiobtn-wrapper input[type="radio"]:checked + label {
        color: #fff !important;
    Let me know if it works!
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    lesu-wacosi75 reacted to Shadmon in Mobile Menu CSS Help   
    Sure, you can use the squaresapce icon. Just replace the value on this code :
    Here is the dropdown icon code:

    .Mobile-overlay-nav-item--folder::after {
        content: '\00BB';

    Here is the before icon code:

    .Mobile-overlay-folder-item--toggle::before {
        content: '\00AB';

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    lesu-wacosi75 reacted to creedon in Stacking metadata on two lines on blog collection pages   
    Add the following to Blog Settings > Advanced > Page Header Code Injection for the blog page. Please see per-page code injection.
    <style> /* begin blog page meta delimiter hide vertical orientation */ .blog-meta-section { align-items : start; flex-direction : column; } .tweak-blog-side-by-side-delimiter-bullet .blog-side-by-side .blog-meta-delimiter::after { display : none; } /* end blog page meta delimiter hide vertical orientation */ </style> This is for v7.1.
    Let us know how it goes.
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    lesu-wacosi75 reacted to Manu67 in How to add a title to blog landing page 7.0   
    I've got the same question on how to add a small introduction to the blog page itself. I guess this code could answer but the "5ecc68a1e3d0ce7bf222b572" key seems to be personnal.
    Our web site : digitalsace.fr
    Many thanks in advance
    body#collection-5ecc68a1e3d0ce7bf222b572 h1.entry-title:after { content: "enter your text here enter your text here"; display: block; font-size: 16px; }
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