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  1. I finally managed to remove the quantity. I hope it’s gone for good. This answer was helpful, How to disable the “add to cart” button?
  2. The first time I embedded the code I managed to get rid of “Add to Cart” button and price but now the same code doesn’t work anymore. I never managed to remove quantity window.
  3. Hi @neeklamy, here is the link to my page link text Since I'm still working on the page is still hidden. The web page I'm working on is link text Let me know if you need some other data to access the page.
  4. I copied the code from @jhughes92 but the result is the same. Product quantity is still visible. The price and the Add button are removed. Unfortunatelly I can’t change CSS by myself because I don’t have enough knowledge. Is there anything else I could try?Thank you
  5. Hi Imaad. Thank you for your help. I embeded code in the advanced tab. The price and Add button are removed but the quantity option is still on. Do you maybe have some advice? Neli http://neli-strukelj.squarespace.com/izdelki/enojni-zepek
  6. I inserted a code in advanced tab as you advised but the quantity option is still visible. Can anyone please help me with that?Thank you, Neli.
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