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  1. Hi Guys! Hope you can help me here!, Im triying to change the site header text color in all the pages of the portfolio from back to white ( so it can be readable as the background image is very dark) and in the "contact" page too, but only in those pages as in the rest of them I need them in black as the background there is white. I dont understand quite well why I cant. If you can help me out here I would be very greatful!! Thanks in advance! https://azalea-turkey-x8kt.squarespace.com/ Pass: Goodmorning
  2. You are absolutly right @tuanphan! Thank you for your assistance! I was doing it wrong. Thank you again!
  3. Hi @tuanphan Its not working, it only puts the subtitle and the title in the same line. Actually I realize that adding " text-align:center " it does centers the subtitle but the main titles are the ones that are not aligned, they are moved to the right, does are the ones I need to be centered as the subtitle are now. The titles not centered & moved to the right happened when I added the code for the subtitles.
  4. Thank you @tuanphan It does work! but It creates one more issue, as now the portfolio titles are not correctly aligned, they are centered more to the right. And the subtitles I cant center them to the title neither.
  5. Hi! I've been triying to add a subtitle to my portfolio projects in my main page ( https://gerbil-asparagus-8lxp.squarespace.com/ , Pass. Goodmorning) But I have been not able to do it (the only solution I found was using the <Span> in the main title but I cant choose the font size of the second line ( And I will preffer to do add it with Css in order to keep clean the title.)). Also I have tried this code I found but didnt work at all. ---------------------- /* Add subtitle */ .portfolio-hover-items { display: block; } a.portfolio-hover-item [href="/autograph-collection/aroma-aliksir"] h3:after { content: "subtitle 01"; } /* Add subtitle */ .portfolio-hover-items { display: block; } a.portfolio-hover-item [href="/autograph-collection/aroma-aliksir"] h3:after { content: "subtitle 01"; } ---------------- Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Hi! I’m experimenting & improving a website ( https://azalea-turkey-x8kt.squarespace.com Password: Goodmorning ) How I make a product block image change when hover over and how to select such image the normal store page has that option as default, but the product block does not. I’m not able to figure out by myself the necessary coding for this, your help will be gladly appreciated! Thanks in advance! -E
  7. Thank you! @tuanphan it finally worked! I dont want to bother you more but how can I make them stay gray when selected? Thanks in advance and of course for the working code!! -Ernesto
  8. Hi @tuanphan!! I used the code you gave me but still no change.
  9. Hi! I’m trying to customize my product variant buttons with the following code, I’m pretty sure it was working before but now it doesn’t and I’m not able to figure it out why. On the other hand, I’m trying also to move the Add to Cart button next to the quantity one. Site: https://icosahedron-shark-ltdr.squarespace.com/collection/p/raleigh-suit Password: goodmorning /* change the variant button style */ .variant-option .sqs-button-element--secondary { background:white!important; /* change the button background color */ border: 1px solid black!important; /* change the button border */ border-radius:0!important;/* change the button shape */ font-size: .5rem!important;/* change the button font size */ text-transform: uppercase;/* change the button character style */ color: black!important } /* change the button on a hover */ .variant-option .sqs-button-element--secondary:hover { background:gray!important; /* change the button background color */ color: white!important; /* change the font color */ } /* change the selected button style */ .ProductItem-details .variant-radiobtn-wrapper input[type="radio"]:checked+label { background: gray!important;/* change the button background color */ color: gray!important;/* change the button font color */ border: 1px solid white!important; /* change the button border */ border-radius: 3rem !important; /* change the button shape */ } Thanks in advance! -E
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