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  1. Hi Sadul, Thank you for taking the time to look at this for me it's really appreciated. I've checked url mappings within SS Dashboard and realised I had set redirects up with forward slashes (unintentionally as I thought a forward slash signified the end of the command) I've corrected this immediately. May I also ask how I write a redirect in url mapping for a page I'd like to redirect to my homepage? 1. /documentary-wedding-photographer-north-yorkshire -> /home 301 OR 2. /documentary-wedding-photographer-north-yorkshire -> /https://www.philnunez.com 301 I may have gone wrong here as well! Thanks again Phil
  2. I switched from Wordpress to Squarespace early March and still in the middle of a clean up operation that has tested me to the limit! I'm currently in the process of manually requesting indexing of every post I've ever written and as you know Google Search Console limits you to a ridiculously low number of requests each day. I'm testing them as I go but I'm seeing this effect on quite a few posts where Google search results are showing 2 identical posts on Page 1 of Google. ( I know!! I really shouldn't complain but at the same time, something is clearly up. Any ideas from you guys? Many thanks.
  3. I have the same issue where GSC is highlighting https://www.philnunez.com/home I've gone to my home page settings in my SS dashboard and deleted /home from the url. Should I request a reindex of https://www.philnunez.com or do I need to set up a redirect for this? Many thanks
  4. Thanks for your reply. So do I need to redirect them to just philnunez.com or ignore googles alert about them as they're not harmful?
  5. Hi guys, Looking for some help with this search console issue Google has highlighted. I have no idea where I've gone wrong. In my squarespace settings for my home page the correct url is /home I do not have my home page linked to my navigation bar and just wondering if this is causing an issue? Thanks
  6. Thank you guys! Ashamed to say it was user error. I'd set the redirect correctly, but I made a typo in the page link, too may hours looking at a screen! Thanks again
  7. I have an issue with a page that I've created a 301 redirect in URL mapping for. Each time I click on the page it redirects me to my home page instead. I've checked the seo section for the page and the url is correct. Upon looking at url mapping section I see a redirect in there that was recommended to me by someone in this community as a one time fix for redirecting all my previous wordpress blog/name to journal/name to save me having to do them all individually. I suspect this redirect is inadvertantly redirecting this page in question to a journal/name even though it was never a blog post however I can't be sure! The url in question is www.philnunez.com/creative-documentary-wedding-photographers-edinburgh which I've redirected to www.philnunez.com/edinburgh-wedding-photographer Upon clicking on the link it takes me to my home page instead but the url is www.philnunez.com/journal/edinburgh-wedding-photographer Can anyone shed some light as to why this is happening? Thanks!
  8. My site is doing exactly the same. I've tried adding that custom code and the issue is still there. To make it go away I have to scroll to the bottom then back to top of entire page. wolf-corn-yk8t.squarespace.com
  9. Thanks for your reply. To clarify, if I have 50 blog posts I need to do this procedure 50 times, or does adding this one redirect one time only, work for every imported wordpress post? Thanks and sorry to be a pain! /[name] -> /blog/[name] 301
  10. Hi, currently transferring from wordpress to squarespace and thought I was plain sailing until I noticed squarespace add a blog slug to the url. I have a ton of blog posts currently all website/post title so does this mean I need to insert this code for every single post or does this one redirect automatically work for all? Thanks
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