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  1. I figured it out on my own! Below is the coding I used. It's kind of a mess and I'm not sure which coding got the job done but, with some number tweaking, that's how I did it. I can't believe I didn't notice you could make the image caption text into a link on the editor page. The coding at the very bottom pertains to making the image caption text padding span the entire height of your image. However, this doesn't make the areas to the left and right of the text link so what I did was add an equal amount of spaces to the beginning and ending of my text. That kept the text centered and made t
  2. First off, I'm using the Montauk template. Basically, this is what I want: http://squarespace.com/templates. Notice how when you roll over an image it gets darker (presumably with an overlay?) and has text and operates like a click through link? Right now, what I have is this: http://davidkillebrew.net/music. I've done a little bit of searching and found some code to tweak to get to the point I'm at but it's not exactly what I want. I'd like my images to operate basically exactly like the ones on the squarespace templates page. I know this is probably not very difficult since it's literall
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