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  1. Hi Henry, I'm having an issue now with this custom form code. In Firefox (not Safari or Chrome, and I don't have a PC to test IE) the form fields do not work. You cannot click into them. Prompts also do not show up - such as "First Name" which display in a light grey and then disappear when you click in the field to type. So users on Firefox will not know what to fill out, even if the form fields did work. Yikes. Any suggestions? Check out here http://www.moorewellness.com/ and here http://www.moorewellness.com/training-options
  2. Hi Henry - I'm trying to do the same thing, but with the "Form" block. Not sure if it is different - when I Inspect Element, seems to be called the same thing as Newsletter and the blocks look exactly the same in edit mode. Could you explain where to drop this code? In the particular page under settings -> advanced? Do I need to use some code to create context, such as find the unique id for the block? When I put this in either Code Injection in Site Settings, or on the page settings, I get the same result - the code shows up at the top of the page. And the form format does not change. Thanks
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