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  1. Hi Creedon, I've been trying to achieve the same, where as soon as a customer opens a product page, the first variant options are preselected. The above code doesn't seem to be working for me. If you'd be able to assist me that'd be very much appreciated! website: https://clementine-salamander-j4rd.squarespace.com password: JELSAN2024
  2. Hey Ash, this one doesn't seem to be working for me. Would you be able to take a look for me? product example: https://clementine-salamander-j4rd.squarespace.com/producten/p/eiken-tafel-oluf password: JELSAN2024
  3. @creedon Hey! I've got everything working so first of all a big thanks! The only issue for me is the padding. I would love to be able to play around with the padding of the description so that I can give it a bit more space, on the top and bottom as well as the width of the text. I assume I'd have to change something in the code injection to make this happen?
  4. Hi all, As I'm setting up a new website, I was having some issues with adding products to the cart. When I want to add the product to the cart through the button on the product detail page, it gives me the error ''Cannot add item'' ''The product wasn't found'' This problem only seems to occurs with products that have different variants. The ones without a variant get added to the cart fine. I contacted SQSP Support and they told me that the problem lies in the custom code I'm using for the website., because after they turned off scripting the issue seemed to be fixed. This means that the only way I can get it to work is by fixing the code. Is there anyone here that could look at the code and perhaps find the issue?
  5. You're the best! Works perfectly Is it maybe possible to - give the dropdown menu a bit more padding on top, so the distance between title and menu is bigger? - give the titles in the dropdown menu an underline as you hover over them? I appreciate all the help!
  6. Should be able to access it now. In the meantime, I've added another button to the product page, for people wanting to ask for a quota. Even though I have injected the code for both this extra button, plus the code to move everything mentioned before to the top, the latter it's not showing anymore. The codes might be interfering with each other, not sure.
  7. I can't seem to changed the password, so I made it public. Let me know if you can access it now. Thank you!
  8. @tuanphan I'm also trying to shuffle around some things with the shopping cart button, quantity and variation sections. Below a screenshot of what it currently looks like. I've found some code to move the cart button above the description of a product, but I would like to change the following as well. If you could help that would be fantastic! - have quantity and variant next to each other, with the cart button below it - Lessen the height of the quantity and variant boxes just a tad bit - Be able to adjust the height gaps between title, price, and pull the description up towards the cart button. If you have any code for this, I could adjust the exact gaps by changing the numbers myself - Lastly, align the title of the product with the product content at the top, and all of the above moves up with it. website (product page): https://clementine-salamander-j4rd.squarespace.com/producten/p/odense-rond-e8hlb?p?p password: sqspjelsan
  9. Hi, apologies, the website should be set up with a password now password: sqspjelsan Thank you in advance!
  10. Hi, I would also like to change the font/size/weight of the text in my dropdown menu. If possible also change the background color of the dropdown menu to white. clementine-salamander-j4rd.squarespace.com Font: Work Sans (first letter of a single word capitalized) Color background: #ffffff
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