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  1. Yeah, I love it round here. Many thanks for your help, and good luck in the future! John.
  2. Yes, that's it. We're happy that the pictures on the front/title page are anonymous. Why did you leave? Tottenham has it all!
  3. No, we took it down because it made the text on our contact page dissappear but got the code from here: http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/39909/how-do-i-hide-collection-title-in-forte Good to know you're supporting our local Tottenham businesses! Thanks.
  4. hi, we want to hide the collection title in forte on out site www,powellpicano.co.uk. One previous answer worked using css but also hid the text from our contact page, so was a no go. Anyone know if there is another solution? We want to keep our front page as clean as possible. Many thanks, John.
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