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  1. MoeTalks's post in Changing a video blog post date is not changing the order on the page was marked as the answer   
    Yes i saw the drag handles.  I was hoping they would act like blog pages but thats fine. There is not a lot right now. Thanks @creedon  have a great day
  2. MoeTalks's post in Gallery Workarounds if possible 7.1 was marked as the answer   
    I went a totally different route and scratched that.  But thank you.
  3. MoeTalks's post in Can you create a corner radius for a footer was marked as the answer   
    Actually that was not half bad but it did not match the header and made the footer bigger than I wanted and the bottom of the footer was still square but that gave me an idea.  I simply made the background of the footer section white, add a shape to cover the entire footer, added the radius and color I wanted, sent the shape to the back and brought the text forward an now it looks just like the header.  Thank you.
  4. MoeTalks's post in Is there a way to make an image inside a markup a lightbox so that it opens but also closes with the x at the top right was marked as the answer   
    It's the same but I did a work around because I hate markups.  I just put the image in it's own section instead of trying to wrap the text around it and called it a day.  
    PW 2024.
  5. MoeTalks's post in Can you make lightbox over size smaller was marked as the answer   
    I think this may have fixed it.  I targed the specific section and change the heading from h3 to p and it got smaller.  You can check though.  Still open.
    .design-layout-inline .image-caption-wrapper {
        padding: 0px!important;
      padding-left: 5px!important;
    .design-layout-inline .image-caption-wrapper p {
        margin-top: 1px;
        margin-bottom: 1px;
  6. MoeTalks's post in I just lost 4 hours of work on Portfolio Page was marked as the answer   
    OMG I just had a heart attack.  I was about to join Fred Sanford and Elizabeth.  Fortunately I remembered everything I was doing and remembered I added a lot of code and removed code.  Once I removed all the code my portfolio pages came back.  I was trying to get rid of the footer of on the individual portfolio pages but I tried to combine .body-collections and I can't do that and I had an erroneous piece of code in there.  Thankfully it only took me about 25 minutes to figure it out.  I just wanted to explain it was my fault.  Crises averted.  
  7. MoeTalks's post in Force Header, footer and and Images to stay within Squarespace Max Width Margin was marked as the answer   
    Someone please tell me why o why?  Why is it that every time I feel like i've exhausted all remedies and hope on finding an answer and I reach out to this forum, all of a sudden I find it.  It's taken me 2.5 hours to find this answer AND on top of that, it was from on old circle member in this forum (https://forum.squarespace.com/profile/9595-rwp/)
    Not sure is he is still on but thank you for this code.  Now I have to figure out then what exactly does the margin-width do but that's another day.  This can be closed.
    #header {
        max-width: 1920px;
        margin: auto;
    section.page-section {
        max-width: 1920px;
        margin: auto;
  8. MoeTalks's post in How do I target a:hover navigation links only? The a:hover's that I want for the rest of the site are overriding the navigation site links was marked as the answer   
    And once again after spending all day working my regular job and tryig to figure out this code, the minute I send a message to the forum I figure it out.  I needed to target the #page and NOT the sqs-block-html.  It works now perfect.  Site is still open but thanks anyway.
  9. MoeTalks's post in Can't make hr:before tag alignment center with css was marked as the answer   
    This was hours of research and a beast but I finally found the answer.  I think I should just quit - YIKES.
    This was the code I had been searching for.  I had to take bits and pieces and tweak it, but I finally got it.  Thank you anyway.
      hr {
      &:after {
  10. MoeTalks's post in Is there an chrome add-in (like squarespace ID finder) but to see where my code blocks are? was marked as the answer   
    Um duh me.  The squarespace ID finder also identifies the code as blocks too.  This has been a long journey.  Sorry guys.  You can close this.
  11. MoeTalks's post in Page Code & CSS Organization - Best Practice/Tips/Ideas/ was marked as the answer   
    Thank you both.  Some things will be site-wide some will be page-wide.  I was putting all the page coding at the top of the page so I would have one place to go.  Now that I realize I can add comments in code, it helps a lot.  I'm in the middle of re-branding and rebuilding and trying to be organized to make it easier down the road so I'm taking my time.
    Thanks again.
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