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  1. Thanks Angelo. Clear and succinct explanation. And it worked perfectly. So if I have numerous pages on which I want that subpageNavigation to display, I would do something like... #collection-1234567 #subpageNavigation, #collection-89101112 #subpageNavigation { display: block; } ... including all the pages I need it to show on?
  2. hello answers forum - My goal is to create additional navigation menus which appear only on specific pages. I would prefer to do this in regular mode (what do you call non-developer mode?), but have seen nothing to indicate that is possible. So, I have created a developer account and am pursuing that route. Starting with Wells template (no particular reason), I was able to add a menu by modifying the template.conf file. "navigations" : [ { "title" : "Main Navigation", "name" : "mainNav" } , { "title" : "Secondary Navigation", "name" : "secondaryNav" }, { "title" : "Subpage Navigation", "name" : "subpageNav" }] This shows "Subpage Navigation" menu in the Content Manager. I am able to add pages, galleries etc. Good so far. I'm flying a little blind, because I don't understand most of what I see at http://developers.squarespace.com/ and my understanding is there is no support provided. A few concrete examples would be great, if anyone knows where to find them. But I digress... So, via trial and error I got my new menu to show on every page via site.region file: <div id="topNav"> <nav id="mainNavigation" class="main-nav dropdown-click desktop-nav"> <squarespace:navigation navigationId="mainNav" template="navigation" /> </nav> <nav id="secondaryNavigation" class="main-nav dropdown-click desktop-nav"> <squarespace:navigation navigationId="secondaryNav" template="navigation" /> </nav> <!-- my added menu --> <nav id="subpageNavigation" class="main-nav dropdown-click desktop-nav"> <squarespace:navigation navigationId="subpageNav" template="navigation" /> </nav> </div> The big question is: How / where can I add code that will add menu/s based on current page ID? eg. I want the Cats page to include the cats-navigation-menu, I want Dogs page to include dogs-navigation-menu. I don't want Dogs page to include cats-navigation-menu. Like... if page id == dogs page id ... add dogs-menu code ... end if if page id == dogs page id ... add cats-menu code ... end if Thanks for any help with this. -- Doug (356)
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