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  1. I finally solved the issue. So in Bedford template if you want to hide pages in the navbar you just have to add the following lines of code in Custom CSS for each page you want to hide: .collection-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #headerNav #mainNavWrapper nav>:nth-child(n) {display: none;} .collection-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #sidecarNav #mobileNavWrapper nav>:nth-child(n) {display: none;} That's it! I hope this one can help. Thanks @crucco for helping me out and @Penia and @rwilson for this tutorial!
  2. My website is www.ivomartini.com As you can see in the desktop version there is no "ITA" link in the top navigation but in the menu on mobile it still appears.. Thank you for your time
  3. Thank you very much Crucco. I have tried the three alternatives all of them work but I stick with the first one. So the correct code for Bedford is: .collection-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #headerNav #mainNavWrapper nav>:nth-child(x) {display: none;} I have been trying to use also your solution for hiding some pages from the navbar on mobile but it does not work. In particular I want to remove the "ITA" link from the top navigation of my italian home page since it is the one that links to the italian version of the website.The code I entered is the following: In the code injection - header: <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $('#mobile-navigation ul li').each(function(){ $(this).find('a').each(function(){ var getLink = $(this).attr('href'); $(this).parent('li').attr('data-class',getLink); }); }); } </script> And in the custom CSS I have the following (first line is for removing the ITA page from the top navigation on desktop and the other lines are the one you suggested for making it work also on mobile): .collection-53219842e4b0f7c737c360dc #headerNav #mainNavWrapper nav>:nth-child(2) {display: none;} .collection-53219842e4b0f7c737c360dc { #mobileNavWrapper li { &[data-class="ITA"], {display:none!important;} } } I have used #mobileNavWrapper because I have read it in the source code for Bedford template but probably there is something missing like you pointed out in my code for desktop. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot again!
  4. Hello everyone, I have been trying to do the same on my website using Bedford template but nothing works. I have looked for the source code and tried #mainNav, #mainNavigation, #mainNavWrapper, #headerNav but no results. Can you please tell me which is the correct id (#) I should use? Thank you very much!
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