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  1. In the same topic, is it possible to add a bread crumb on plain or portfolio pages or breadcrumb works only in store pages ? TIA
  2. Hi Tuanphan, Thank you for your reply. We removed the code and optimised the mobile pages separately and the pages are not perfect but we want to keep it simple. Thanks anyways for your support. I greatly appreciate it.
  3. Thank you Paul. Its clear. I need to have 2 sites for 2 different currencies. Yes. Most of the pages in the present site are not store pages. We are working on this and collecting info before hand. I truly appreciate your inputs. We own both eZeeBags.com and eZeeBags.in. So for India specific site we can use eZeeBags.in. To avoid confusion with emails ( ending with .in or .com ) we are still looking for a work around. Keep only 1 site, Indian Rupees and for USD when they click Add to Cart take them to a different domain only for payment purpose. Is there such a thing? Not sure. We are concerned about cost & workload on 2 sites. Thank you once again Paul
  4. Thank you Paul. Here is a random page https://ezeebags.squarespace.com/cotton-min-tote-bag-cpt-218-v1 The site essentially is a international B2B site for lead generation. However we plan to run special promotions where the pages will be store pages. We are working on adding a store in the same domain for the Indian market with currency Indian Rupee. This entails some pages in INR and some in USD. Is there an extension of any custom code that will help us achieve this. TIA.
  5. We sell within India in INR and in Americas in USD. Is there a way we can show price in USD on select pages. Both can run thru the same payment gateway as our PG can handle any currency.
  6. Here is a page still under construction. https://amphibian-pomegranate-kebs.squarespace.com/mob-leather-pen-pouch-lpc-126-sp Thank you in advance
  7. Followed above instructions and created a duplicate of the desktop optimised page and optimised the new page for mobile. Injected the below code into the desktop optimised page. <script type="text/javascript"> if (screen.width <= 767) { document.location = "https://amphibian-pomegranate-kebs.squarespace.com/mob-test-2"; } </script> The slug mob-test-2 is the mobile optimised page. The full page does not load. Just the page title and header logo appears in the mobile view. See attached screenshot But no 404 error either. Let me know where I am going wrong.
  8. Same issue here. Stuck up now. Optimized for desktop view. Mobile view is skewed. viz versa. If I have 300 pages in my site do I have to add the code in the header for all 300 pages ?
  9. Hi , Good day to everyone, While the desktop view of the site looks good, the mobile view is skewed. The various blocks are overlapping each other & some blocks are jumbled, top level blocks have gone down and some blocks at the bottom have moved up and most blocks overlap each other. See attached images. Where am I going wrong? Do I need to optimise each page individually? Please help.
  10. Hi Awesome folks, Does SqSp provide chatbot feature for customers to chat. Ideally if they choose from the dropdown list of suggestions the bot answers them. Later the transcript is emailed to admin. Any extension available for this ?
  11. Hi all, We want to include a download link on product pages when a visitor can click the link or button to download the product flyer ( a PDF or JPG file ) Does SquareSpace support this function. TIA
  12. I am Su-ku-mar Sree-ni-va-san. If that's a mouthful just call me Suku. From Chennai India. Online merchant for decades but new to SquareSpace. We are more into B2B than B2C. 1-Tip = Keep your eyes & ears open. Learn everyday. Never give up. Tomorrow is another day - your day
  13. We are getting started with SQSP. Absolutely love SiteStyles where editing in SiteStyles changes the CSS across all pages ( hope I am right about this ) Is there a way I can globally edit / change the page layout / design. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thank you Creedon for your guidance. You are a star, a rock star. Did a quick search for Hide Add to Cart button and no joy. Can you point me to some threads where it is discussed so I can check it out today. Enjoy your weekend.
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