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  1. Thanks! I'm on the Slack forum now, fingers crossed… 😁
  2. Hello Forum Crew, Please could you help me with resolving how the Summary Block displays while using the Lazy Summaries plugin on this page: https://www.jacquelinejoosen.com/sold-artworks While it's a great plugin, it seems to have a heap of weird quirks that I don't know how to iron out: How to disable the Enable Product Quick View feature without the block content disappearing! When I click disable, all content vanishes and only reappears when this feature is re-enabled. Users can't click on any of the products to view their detail pages because the EPQV is enabled – a frustrating user experience! How to resolve the display of products so that each row of the grid is full. There are random gaps in the display of content. How to change the number of columns on desktop view to 3, without random spacing issues occurring where some column gaps set to zero. If EPQV can't be disabled, how to hide the Add to Cart functionality. Any help will be welcome! Thanks Mark
  3. @paul2009 I remember now – we have a page on the site for 'Sold' artwork. https://www.jacquelinejoosen.com/sold-artworks When listed in this summary block (which I will add further summary blocks to or use the summary block extender plug-in that exists), they all have the Sold Out label on them. Is there a way to Hide the Sold Out label on this page only? The Sold Out label can feature elsewhere on the site, however it seems excessive on this page to have all with the label! I also noticed that this CSS code doesn't seem to trigger on Summary Blocks – /* Hide prices on sold out products */ .post-type-store-item.sold-out .product-price { display:none; } Do I need to adjust the CSS to add in .sqs-block-summary-v2 as well? Thanks, Mark
  4. Oh good grief! Thank you Paul, I can't for the life of me remember why we added that in the first place… 😅
  5. Hi, please could someone help me to display in summary blocks when a client's painting is 'sold out'? Currently we have summary blocks in use on specific pages relating to exhibiting her work, such as this one: https://www.jacquelinejoosen.com/affordable-art-fair-brisbane As an example, the painting 'Beach Scene' is sold out and displays as sold out in the shop and detail page. However, it looks like it is still for sale on this page and elsewhere on the site where summary blocks are in use. How can we show that this painting and others are sold out without changing the title of the painting to 'Beach Scene – Sold Out', which looks pretty clumsy!? Is there a line of code or something with tags I could add? Look forward to your support! Mark
  6. Thank you @tuanphan!! That is a huge help. Based on your code snippet I also added font type, capitalisation and even adjusted the weight of the 'Read More' too. 🙏
  7. Sure - https://squid-goldfish-8phm.squarespace.com/artists pw is pdai2024 scroll down past the flip card tests and you will see the summary block with two people visible.
  8. Hi, please could someone provide me with the appropriate code for adjusting the type style inside a Summary Block of blog posts. I am using them like a list of profiles, with each blog post as the full profile of the artist. Screen shot shows some content in the summary block - the Title of each blog post is the artist name. I would like to change the style of the Title of each blog post displayed in the summary block to use a Heading style, such as a H4, instead of the current style which appears to be a paragraph style. Or, at the very least to change the font so that it uses the heading fonts, which are shown in the hidden blog page listing attached - the heading typeface displays in all upper case. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I will persist with the approach you've suggested for now, if I do find an alternative I'll reply below to let you know if they are worth considering.
  10. Hi, could anyone provide me with details on how to setup Google Shopping/Merchant Center for a .com.au/Australian website? The Squarespace Help Guide mentions that Squarespace Merchant Center data integration is for US customers only. I am keen to help clients of mine display their products within Google Shopping search results. Not sure what the next step is… Thanks!
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