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  1. Hello! What domain are you trying to connect? Usually that error means that the URL connected to your site is being redirected to other URLs too many times. If you're pointing a Squarespace domain to a third-party platform like Unbounce, make sure to remove any conflicting Squarespace-related DNS records and that you've added the CNAME record mentioned in Unbounce's guide: Connecting your domain to Unbounce Squarespace also has their own guide for pointing a domain: Pointing a Squarespace domain to a non-Squarespace site
  2. You can try resending the verification email as a quick test by clicking the "Resend verification email" link. Make sure to check your spam and junk folders, too. For reaching out to support, make sure that you're contacting them through the support form on their site. Otherwise they won't receive the emails you send them. Here's the support form - https://support.squarespace.com/hc/requests/new#choose-topic Alternatively, you can reach out to Squarespace on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger.
  3. Squarespace has been reporting an issue with Nameserver Connect. If the domain is defaulting to DNS Connect, use the provider's default nameservers and manually connect the domain, instead. If you see View DNS settings instead of Edit DNS, that means the domain is linked using DNS connect. GoDaddy has steps for changing nameservers here - GoDaddy - edit domain nameservers If you click View DNS settings, you'll see all of the DNS records that need to be added in GoDaddy. Squarespace also has steps in this guide - Manually connecting a GoDaddy domain to your Squarespace site
  4. It looks like the verification record was taking a little time to update and the site is loading now! You can always check the status of new DNS records like this using Whatsmydns.com. Just make sure to include the Host value if it's not "@" (in this case you would be checking ataj4a5b95cswlsgwn8s.sutherlandsharksfc.com.au)
  5. If you reach out to customer support on one of Squarespace's social media accounts, they can usually check on the status of a ticket. Did you already receive the verification email for your target email address and click the link to verify?
  6. Usually if customer support created a ticket for an issue, it's because support has to help troubleshoot - either for security reasons or because they have a fix that has to be deployed from their end. Did you already reach out to customer support like those locked posts recommend? I have a few suggestions that might help in the meantime - 1. Changes Not Reflected or Updated: Any modifications I attempt to make to my domain settings are not being reflected. It’s as if the changes are not being saved or propagated at all. To be honest, if browser troubleshooting didn't help with this and you're not seeing any error messages that give you more info, this could be related to Squarespace. Customer support would be the best resource for help. 2. Connection to Website: I’m unable to connect my domain to my website. Despite following the steps outlined in the Squarespace support guides, my website remains disconnected from the domain. What domain are you trying to connect, and are you connecting it to a Squarespace site or a non-Squarespace site? 3. SSL Generation: No SSL certificate is being generated for my domain, which is crucial for ensuring the security of my site. Squarespace only provides SSL for domains that are connected to a Squarespace site, and the SSL certificate won't generate until the domain is fully connected. If your domain is connected to a Squarespace site and the SSL isn't generating, check the connection or reach out to customer support. Otherwise, if you have a third-party site, reach out to your website provider for advice on adding SSL protection. 4. DNS Management Issues: I am unable to create, change, or delete DNS records. The DNS management functionality seems to be completely unresponsive. Did you already try logging out and logging back in to fix the issue with editing your domain's DNS settings? That's been working for most users, even when browser troubleshooting hasn't.
  7. Hello! Would you mind sharing a link to your site?
  8. Did you already try reaching out to customer support? In the past, when the "Couldn't load collection" error pops up, they've been able to provide either a solution or a workaround.
  9. When I look up the DNS records for your domain, I don't see any of the records that point your domain to Squarespace. Make sure that you've added Squarespace's default records in your domain's DNS settings: Add Squarespace defaults
  10. Hello! There isn't a way to duplicate a collection page, so you'll need to add a new gallery page for the second category. Next to Main Navigation (in your first screenshot), click the + icon and select the gallery page, then begin adding images to the page - Gallery pages in version 7.0
  11. Hi @JurgenB - Did you already try the browser troubleshooting that resolved this error for other users?
  12. Hi @C2G - I think Squarespace updated the steps they have for forwarding both the "@" and "www" version of your domain. There's now a spot that reads: Out of curiosity, have you confirmed that the Squarespace default records are in your domain's DNS settings? If not, try using these steps: Remove the domain forwarding rule Add the Squarespace default records in the DNS settings using the Preset button Add the forwarding rule again (only for the "@" subdomain, there's no need to make a forwarding rule for the "www" subdomain) If that doesn't work and you've already had a lot of back and forth with the Squarespace team, you could ask them to escalate your case. The response time might be a bit slower but they'd be able to check if there's something else going on!
  13. It's true that Squarespace doesn't support dynamic DNS. It looks like there are some Heroku add-ons you can use to route traffic through a static IP, like QuotaGuard Static. I'm not 100% familiar with Heroku, but it seems to me that this is specific to connecting a root domain. Squarespace did recently add support for ALIAS records, and Heroku's guide mentions using ALIAS records for other providers: Heroku - Configuring DNS for root domains Their guide also mentions getting around this issue by exclusively using subdomains, like the "www" subdomain: Heroku - The Limitations of DNS A-Records Heroku - Add a custom domain with a subdomain Hopefully some of this is helpful! It's certainly worth double-checking with Heroku support since I'm not entirely sure if this is all accurate.
  14. Hey all - Domain forwarding converting to CNAME records As far as I'm aware, domain forwarding in Google Domains shouldn't have converted to CNAME records after migration, so the issue that @SNCGuru described is worth reporting to Squarespace support. If you're worried that your ticket is being ignored, contact one of Squarespace's social media accounts and ask them to check on it for you. Path forwarding You should be able to enable path forwarding when setting up a domain forwarding rule. If you're having trouble enabling path forwarding, trying a different browser might help. If path forwarding is enabled but it's not working, contact Squarespace support so they can take a look. Forwarding the "www" subdomain EDIT: It looks like they changed how this setup works. Now it seems you need to make a forwarding rule using @ as the subdomain and also have the Squarespace defaults record preset in place. The "Implementing this rule could interfere with how the domain works with the website" error does sound a little different though, and doesn't seem to be documented. I'd recommend reporting this to Squarespace, and in the meantime you could try pointing the domain instead of forwarding. Valid subdomain error If you're seeing the "not a valid subdomain" error, make sure that you've added a subdomain in the "Forward from" field of the forwarding rule. For @DecaturishDan, no subdomain has been specified in the "Forward from" field, which is why the error says there isn't a valid subdomain. To forward a root domain, use @ as the subdomain (there is a note on this beneath the "Forward from" field).
  15. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about this. A while back, there was a Squarespace-related issue that caused this to happen. Unfortunately, users had to manually move the subpages back into the correct order in their index page(s) to fix it. Even if that's still the case, the issue is definitely worth reporting to Squarespace to prevent it from happening again: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/requests/new#choose-topic
  16. I think something odd might be going on with GoDaddy domains, where some of them are defaulting to DNS Connect after selecting Nameserver Connect. Then if you try to re-link the domain using DNS Connect, GoDaddy's automatic connection won't work if the nameservers are set to Squarespace. To resolve this, first figure out how your domain is linked to your site (DNS Connect or Nameserver Connect). Check out this post if you're not sure how to tell: If the domain is linked using DNS Connect Make sure the domain is using GoDaddy's default nameservers and then follow the steps in Squarespace's guide to manually connect the domain. This will require editing the domain's DNS records in GoDaddy. Change your domain's nameservers: GoDaddy guide: Edit my domain nameservers Manually connect your domain: Manually connecting a GoDaddy domain to your Squarespace site - Step 2: Log into GoDaddy* *You can start from step 2 since your domain is already linked to Squarespace. To find the DNS records that you'll need to add, open your site and go to the Settings > Domains & Email > Domains panel, click on your domain, then click View DNS Settings. If the domain is linked using Nameserver Connect Your domain should be using Squarespace nameservers and you can edit the DNS records directly through Squarespace. Make sure that Squarespace's default DNS records are included in the domain's DNS settings. Accessing your Squarespace-managed domain's DNS settings - Add Squarespace defaults When you make changes to your domain's DNS settings, it can take up to 72 hours to update, which isn't a Squarespace-specific timeframe. This is why Squarespace tells you to wait a few days, but you can always reach out to support and ask them to check if the domain is connected correctly. (Don't just say the site isn't loading, or they might assume it's related to changes that haven't fully updated). This way, even though you might still need to wait for the DNS Settings to update, you'll at least know that you're not waiting just to find out that the domain connection wasn't set up properly in the first place. This can also help them identify platform-related issues that might not be super obvious - like if you chose Nameserver Connect but the domain ended up using DNS Connect, instead. Hope this helps!
  17. If you want to disable online orders but keep the products visible online, you could hide the "add to cart" button using custom code. In the Website > Pages > Website Tools > Custom CSS panel, add the following code: .product-quantity-input { display: none !important; } .sqs-add-to-cart-button-wrapper { display: none !important; } This will hide both the product quantity and the add to cart button on the product page, so visitors can't add items to their cart online. You can still make in-person sales using the Squarespace app as long as the store page is enabled. Make sure to remove the code when you're ready to accept online orders once more. Alternatively, you can move your store page to the Not Linked section of the Pages panel temporarily. This will hide it from the main navigation, but visitors who have the store page bookmarked or find it in search results can still access it, so this solution isn't as ideal.
  18. Sorry to hear it's still being troublesome! The domain forwarding rule that Squarespace added to their platform should support 301 and 302 redirects for path forwarding. If it's not working, there might be an issue related to Squarespace. You'll need to contact Squarespace support for them to take a closer look, though - https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/requests/new#choose-topic
  19. That's definitely true! When adding an email forwarding rule to a Squarespace domain, using * in the Forward from field will forward mail sent to any alias at the domain - in other words, this is Squarespace's method for setting up catchall email forwarding. (Unless I'm missing a difference between the two. In which case, apologies for the miscommunication). Overall, if you've added an email forwarding rule and entered * in the Forward from field, but catchall email forwarding for your domain still isn't working, it's worth reaching out to Squarespace support for troubleshooting help.
  20. Hey all, with domains that support both Nameserver Connect and DNS Connect, make sure to pay attention to how your domain is linked to your site. If you choose one method but follow the steps for the other, your domain won't connect to your site. Nameserver Connect How to tell: You see the option to EDIT DNS settings through Squarespace How to connect: Use Squarespace nameservers and edit your domain's DNS settings through Squarespace. Make sure that the "Squarespace defaults" section is included in the DNS settings. DNS Connect How to tell: You see the option to VIEW DNS settings through Squarespace How to connect: Use your domain provider's nameservers. Add Squarespace's DNS records (seen on your site) to your domain's settings through your domain provider. There's a goofy visual example I like using for this: Imagine nameservers as a map and DNS records as the directions on that map. Now, picture you're going on a road trip with a friend. Linking a domain to Squarespace is like telling your friend which map to bring along. If you give them the wrong map, they won't see any of the directions you wrote, and you'll likely get lost. When you link a domain using Nameserver Connect, browsers are told to get directions (DNS records) from Squarespace's "map" (nameservers). With DNS Connect, browsers are guided to your domain provider's "map" for directions. Make sure that you're providing the promised map (i.e. using the right nameservers based on how your domain is linked).
  21. The settings you're using sound correct to me! If the catchall email forwarding in Google allowed you to receive emails sent from the target email address, I expect it should work that way with Squarespace domains, too. I'd reach out to Squarespace support for help with this one - https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  22. Hello - This might be similar to the issue with editing DNS records that's been going around. Try logging out of your account and then back in, or using a different browser like Firefox - these steps seem to be helping with the DNS issue, at least. Otherwise, Squarespace support can help troubleshoot in more detail: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  23. Where are you seeing the catchall from Google? Squarespace has a specific section for email forwarding in the Domains dashboard - Email forwarding with a Squarespace domain - Create an email forward
  24. Hi Ben - It sounds like you set up the forwarding rule correctly, and I see both the naked domain and the "www" version forwarding to the same page now. The changes might have needed some more time to update. If you aren't seeing the right page load yet, try clearing your browser cache or testing in a private browser window.
  25. Hi there! Try logging out of your account and then back in, or using a different browser like Firefox. I've heard of others having good luck with these solutions. Otherwise, Squarespace support can help troubleshoot the issue in more detail: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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