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  1. Come on Squarespace , this is a must for people who rely on making multiple Portfolio galleries . 1- When needing to make multiple portfolio pages with same format, which we can edit / replace the content is so basic. 2- We often need to reformat / update the gallery layout & design to test different options , either for myself or at a client's request - And we need to be able to show and compare the options. 3- This also seems similar to an infuriating legacy from SQp7 where you could not duplicate image galleries . 4- Squarespace, you need to understand visual creators needs (along with being able to mix stills and videos)
  2. @tuanphan thank you so much , I'll work through this now 🙂
  3. Hi, Is there any way with code to add short video clip loops to a Portfolio gallery ? I've read lots of other similar requests, some say it's possible with code - but I've not seen an actual code solution reply. This is a must have in 2024 for professional creatives - photographers, animators, graphic designers & illustrators . We are all being asked to make motion content these days and we need to be able to present that alongside stills. I am getting more and more frustrated with SQsp , not putting much effort, vision, options and controls for creative galleries. - They are passing the buck to the community & freelance developers to add basics that we should have in gallery controls & settings. -also this forces us to buy the next level up subscription to allow css. Where most of creatives just need a simple and customisable & elegant solution of a few pages and galleries. It appears they are more focused on shops / selling than one of their original core user groups. I've been using it for 10 years. First major blow was discontinuing the standalone gallery iOS app , which was brilliant for going to client meetings to show work & collections offline. Thanks S
  4. Looks like loads of people / creators that do stills & motion are crying out for this - how is SQp so behind the curve ?...
  5. HI @tuanphan I'm wanting to similar add a couple of short video clips (m4v) to a Portfolio page. Is this possible with code ? I've tried converting them to gifs and this works, but it looks bad with the compression and it bugs down the page when scrolling down the gallery. It looks like there are quite a lot of people requesting this. Especially those who do Photography & video content , or graphic & motion graphics, illustrators that make animation as well as traditional static art. To be able to showcase a mix of images and motion is a must these days. Thanks S
  6. Thanks Ziggy, yes I know that - which is the issue I have. . is there css that I can force the titles to permanently show (not only on hover ) thanks s
  7. Hi , thanks for reply. I’m not sure of my web address as I’m working on the trial feature to build it at the moment . os there a way I can share the trial build ? I can add screen shots of what it’s doing now and a reference of another Squarespace to show how I want it to be . cheers s
  8. Hi , can anyone help please ? I am using portfolio gallery , and would like the titles over images to be displayed permanently on . Not just on rollover . rollover seems the only option . - can’t believe this is not a standard option ! is there some css I can add to force this , and disable rollover? Also is there any code where you can change the title font colour . it looks like my only options are black text with a white transparent overlay , where you set the overall opacity. - I can select white text but it turns the background of grid block black. I would like them to be white text solid 100%, with no transparent overlay covering image . hope this makes sense . thanks 🙏
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